Ne Leslie Wunderman, Taylor Dayne was born March 7, 1962, in Long Island, New York. Having harbored an interest in singing from an early age, Taylor joined her first band, the new wave group Felony, after graduating high school.

While her nights were spent performing at New York City nightclubs, Taylor's days were consumed with the study of music theory and composition at college, as well as private operatic training with Juilliard master Maestro Carelli. Taylor later left Felony for another n...


The Runaways were the first noteable all-girl rock band where the members played all their own instruments and wrote their own songs. During the band's short duration of various line-ups (1975-1979), they broke new ground for future female musicians. The Runaways launched the careers of teenaged Joan Jett and Lita Ford. The Runaways' work definately stands the test of time, they will always be "The Queens of Noise"!

Upon your first encounter with the Los Angeles band TADPOLE, it becomes immediately apparent that this is not your average punk pop quartet. This is a band whose music is a catharsis, an emotional outburst heralded in songs that are dynamic in structure, move with hook-driven melodic genius, and hit hard through lyrics that unveil deeply personal experiences with emotive precision. All this is neatly tied up into a power punch that doesnt usually wander over the three-minute mark.

TADPOLE cam...

Four years ago, when she was just 17 years old, Tammin Sursok was offered an overseas record deal that promised the world. But in a decision that was both wise beyond her years and indicative of her artistic integrity, she turned it down. ''I knew what music I liked and I knew who I was'', recalls Tammin. ''But I didn't know how to show that musically. I knew that if I did sign I wouldn't have a long-term career. And that's what I want, because music is something I'm really passionate about''.


4 piece girl-punk band from Brighton, UK.

Andrea Konstankiewicz and Dorota Barova from czechia, both violoncello and voice. andrea used to steel the show of boos bandleader christoph with her beauty...Now she realy shows off: Tara Fuki is psycodelic, beautyful and rocking...


TAT: n. rubbish, trash, 'an old load of tat' (orig. unkn.)

TAT: n. a 3 piece, female fronted, punk/rock band (orig. London Town)


I'm an 18-year-old voting member of society.

I also write songs and sing them in different cities every night.

I really love people who like my music. They're 1 on my favorite things list.

I'm not a big deal. At all.

Because I'm not that complicated. My complications come out in my songs. All you need to do to be my friend is like me.

There's never going to be a time when I'm annoyed by compliments about my music.

I'm a fan of fans. You are absolutely wonderful to me. I've got your bac...

"Formerly in Belly, anyone who's watched and listened to Donelly emerge as a singular talentone whose gift for writing challenging yet accessiblematerial is matched by her gutsy guitar playing and gorgeous voicemaybe wondering why it's taken so long for her to put her own name about the title. The answer has a little to do with Donelly's patience, and a lotto do with her romance with the idea of the rock band.


Three piece female fronted band from Brighton.

Two sisters, two guitars. On-stage banter about diarrhea, the ever-present possibility that friendly bickering may suddenly erupt into bloodshed, and rockin' pop songs that will blindside you as surely as a soccer Mom in an SUV yakking on her cell phone. Ladies and germs, please welcome Tegan and Sara.

This band are Amazing. if you like My Ruin and Otep, then YOU will love this band. they are amazaing on stage and they really know how to give the stage a beating. they really keep the crowed going wild. with the bassest screeming 'GET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR AND MOSH' If you like rock/alterntive/metal then you should like this band. this band should not be missed. if they are touring near you then you will be a fool to miss them. check them out on i realy like them. ive seem ...



Four piece girl band- influences, AC/DC, Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Rob Zombie, HIM, early MCR

Bangles, USA band singing pop/ballads.

The Birthday Massacre is a fusion of retro electronica and dynamic contemporary songwriting. Elements of childhood fiction and adult fantasy are coupled with twisting distortion and euphoric melody to create a unique and original sound dubbed "post-retro."

The lyrical themes of The Birthday Massacre observe reality through a romanticized perspective. Lyrically, the songs are a combination of personal reflection, real-life observation, dreams, fiction, and satire.

The Birthday Massacre has mana...

„The Black Sheep“ - A name not just given by choice but also a statement about a remarkable Rock Band.
These four young woman are charming, smart and have a mind of their own.

When founded in August 2005 in Cologne, Germany The Black Sheep wanted to express their feelings and musical passion without beeing pushed in a corner. Their decision to play All-Girl-Alternative-Rock gave them the option to experiment while playing their powerful music.

The newspaper “Kölner Stadtanziger” wrote on ...

Swedish band with Nina Persson on vocals.

Three former members of Bunny Five Coat + two new guitarists = killer she-punk straight outta the Iron City! Based in Pittsburgh, PA, this all-girl five-piece is definitely more tough than fluff.

One of the earliest groups to emerge from the Detroit garage rock scene, the Detroit Cobras developed a reputation as the Midwest's finest (and most distinctive) coverband -- while the bandmembers devoted themselves to performing other people's material rather than recycling established hits, the Detroit Cobras dug deep into the well of vintage R&B and primitive rock & roll sides, building an individual identity out of lost classics from the past which they modified to fit their swaggeri...

Female fronted psychedelic/folk rock.

Brilliant punk rock band with Brody Dalle on lead vocals/guitar.

Have you ever wondered if Alice left all the rabbits alone, stopped pondering at tea parties, and instead took on being the lead singer of a band, what she would sound like?

I'm talking about vocalist Victoria Mazze of the new band The Divine Madness.

The Divine Madness are experiencing rebirth as cinematic Rock/Goth with style, reminiscing such 80s artists as Berlin, Blondie and Siouxsie And The Banshees. Art Rock? Art New Wave? Whichever - it breathes originality.

The band was first formed ...

The Dogbones have been described as - "Johny5 playin T-Rexs' guitar whilst cavemen beat up barbarella with dead members of the beatles.."

Just Great Fun Music

Emerging from the New York City underground in 2001, The DRIVE serve up hard and heavy music with gutsy riffs and the melody to make it all sink in. Their visceral songwriting, along with a high energy, electric stage presence, has helped The DRIVE build a strong and ever growing following. After working with producer Preston Nash of Primer 55, The DRIVE released a 6 song EP in 2002 that weaved its way into full rotation on college and indie radio stations across the country. A 3 song EP followe...

pop-punk from Canada...check it out!

Thee Heavenly Music Association is an apt moniker, but one that the duo of Helen Storer and David Hillis could have a hard time living up to. If murky guitar riffs and some feedback and fuzz are your niche, then step right up! Bands such as the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine are easily discerned here, while current bands such as Singapore Sling and Bikini Atoll are definitely quaint comparisons.

"Synesthesia" starts the album off with a beefy guitar riff and ethereal, ai...

Their parents may be worried, but punk fans aren't - the girl's formed for fun, Go-Go's onmethedrine combo the Eyeliners keep accepting tour invitations, most recently as opening act for the similarly retro-fueled outfit the Donnas. But wheras the Donnas kowtow to classic arena metal, the Eyeliners plunder the poppier late 70's era, when Damned/Stranglers iconoclasm was swiftly segueing into friendlier new wave. And on a sing-song "Play It Again" - from their latest pogo-fest, Sealed With A Kiss...

The Favours appeared on the UK music scene in 2003 and self-released the album 'Magpies Revenge' in the summer of 2004. A split EP, featuring tracks 'Kill' and 'Out of Control', was released by the Manchester based label Filthy Little Angels in August 2004.

In August 2005, the band was selected to play the Unsigned Stage at Leeds Festival and in January 2006, the band toured America with The Wrens. This sell-out tour included gigs at New York Bowery Ballroom and The Northstar Bar in Philadelphi...

Although their musical experience reaches well before 1999, it was then that The Flipsides were born... on a stage, Christmas eve, in a disreputable San Francisco Haight street bar. The band's twenty-minute set of power pop tunes inspired by the likes of Green Day, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, and the manic energy of The Who gave nary a sixties burnout time to scratch their encrusted dander. The statement was clear... with high-energy, melodic 2 minute tunes, The Flipsides don't intend...

Birthed in the drudge of Casper, Wyoming in 1998. The-Fronts unlikely presence is rivaled only by their unlikely perseverance and an unyielding devotion to punk rock and roll. Expect nothing less than the crash of 77-style guitars + the growls and screams of an aggressive female vocalist from these no-holds-barred rockers.

Lauren Bayert - Lead Vocals
Mike Bezold - Bass + Backing Vocals
Hannah Green - Guitar + Backing Vocals
Steve Bezold - Guitar
Ken Holloway - Drums

In a world that would easi...

This band from Holland started their career in a death metal style. Fronted by a male vocalist (Bart Smits) with female backing vocals (Marike Groot) and packaged with an array of interesting instruments: Flute, Piano, Triangle, Wind Chimes and of course crunching guitars and even paced drums, the band defied the norms of death metal.
What happened after the debut, "Always" is a mystery to me... of course I am referring to the second full length recording entitled: "Almost A Dance". The music co...

Performing throughout NE Ohio over the past 5 years, The Girls Band brings solid 3-part harmonies and unique, musical and rhythmical arrangements to Rock, Pop, R&B and Country music. This multi-talented group of musicians – 5 Guys and 3 Girls – has over 200 years of collective performance experience. The Girls Band brings an energetic and entertaining approach to many Classic-Rock songs, with a unique flavor of electric and acoustic guitars, and coupled with keyboards, drums, bass, and horns...

on 01/10/03 mia zappata's killer was found.
florida police picked up a man on unrelated charges and DNA test's revealed him to be mia's killer!
rest in peace mia...we miss you.
thank you to all who helped in this investigation.
It's been 9 long yr's and he is finally off the street's.

The Glamorous Twinnies is a Brazilian girl band, formed in 2007, where the 3 girls sing and make an excellent mix with their voices. The band is already making much success. It has Gabriella Piazza, on the vocals and the guitar, Thaissa Miccoli on the drums and vocals and Gabriella Nadas on the bass and vocals.

A three-piece rock band from Arkansas, USA. Their big and beautiful lead singer Beth Ditto was recently voted "Coolest Person On The Planet" by music magazine The NME.

Porn Punk from Montreal, Quebec.

THE HORNY BITCHES formed in Sep 07 and play wonderfully raw punk rock with songs about their favorite This is music you can mosh, pogo, masturbate, or fuck to...your choice!


Virgin Slut - Serial Cocksucker; Guitar & Vocals
Juicy Mary - Hardcore wet pussy; Bass & Vocals
Izabitch - CockSlap Whore; Drums & Vocals

With a 4-track demo entitled "The Horny Bitches Are Cumming" released in Sep 08, the grrrls...

The Hysterical Injury(UK) are a Noise-pop duo comprising of bass, drums and voice. Fronted by Annie Gardiner and propelled drum wise by Lee Stone.

Lee plays drums like a tribal, thundering machine. Annie plays tapping, slapping, (dis)chordant 4 to the floor basslines. Overlayed with sweet pop vocal meets riot grrl growl. Tearing the pop apart and severing it upfront ways!

Ok people, lock up your children and put in your gumshields because here come The Idle Melinfoi! A hard hitting original rock/metal band from the Surrey/Middlesex border. Taking inspiration from bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Disturbed and System of a Down, T.I.M have come up with some dynamic and powerful riffs that are sure to get your blood pumping faster than a whippet with a bum full of dynamite! If you like our music, its available to download at our website. Check it out for news o...

Samantha Maloney, Jessicka Fodera, Radio Sloan, Dirty [Harry] .... to name a few (more to come in the next few weeks)

The Ingenues are a select group of uber talented femmes who have collaborated with up and coming producer extraordinaire Samantha Maloney to make a collection of songs to bring to their masses.

The Worlds only all female tribute to Iron Maiden

The idea for The Johnsons first came about three years ago, when Ian Fuller (bass) and Jake Knight (guitar) met for a few pints in their local Basingstoke pub. They decided to put together a band that would incorporate elements of the music they love: Punk, Blues, and Rock 'n' Roll.
They first recruited James Sturtridge, a drummer they had both worked with in the past and started working on material.
The next recruit was Nadeen White (vocals/guitar) who Ian knew from drunken dancing at a local c...

Female-fronted Electro/Punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area.

This 3 person girl band kicks major @$$!!Z's vocals and guitar mixed with tennesees drums and charlottes bass, make this band really great!!these 3 girls are so wild, and there music is just wow!!I finde that they are mixed with josie and the pussycats, alanis moreset, and the donnas. you should really check them out at:

go check em out

The newest addition to the female invasion in Hamilton, Ontario, The Lorrainas' mix of punk and raunchy rock n' roll will surely set your pants on fire!

Meeting in a bar one night for a few drinks, Tool, Honky Toast, Jane's Addiction, ACDC, and The Cure got a little rowdy when some old school Aerosmith came on the jukebox. After much debauchery and mishap, the aforementioned group woke up at ACDC's pad, heads still reeling from the night before and in various states of undress.

Honky Toast reached for a 40 to dull the throbbing pain while Tool made some heinously strong coffee. ACDC thought maybe some Pink Floyd would soothe the crowd, and the...

Kinks tunes served up by a bevy of fabulous babes.

the missing: a female fronted metal, industrial, unsigned band in NYC Fans from Metallica to Marilyn Manson to Siouxsie should check them out.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, this group of three chicks have been around for a while kicking ass as they go. They pull off a sound that blends The Runnaways with the Ramones and yet is still all their own. The only way to get a CD is from a show or in a record store in Detroit. Highly recommended for the feel-good punkers out there.

The Neptunas are an all-girl garagey surf trio from Southern California. For more info, got to

The ideas behind the Ocean Club are best illustrated by sea analogies. The Ocean Club is a free flowing entity that allows its members and friends to float wherever they want - they drift through the curious underwater realm to pause at and admire the odd glittering riff. Once underway, surprises lurk behind every corner. Unexpected currents introduce new directions, demanding a different path. And, as we all know, it is a lot more fun to reveal these observations, to share the excitement and ex...

Who are "The Phantoms"?
If you lived in Boston during the 70's and 80's and went to any rock clubs, you probably know who they are. You may have even seen them driving around in a convertible MG with bleached blonde mohawks, or arriving at the Modern Theater in a checker cab stuffed with all their gear!
"The Phantoms" were the first 3 piece band with 2 females, a lead guitarist/songwriter/vocalist and a woman on bass guitar, to play the punk club circuit in Boston during the ...

Allison and Catherine Pierce are two sisters that were born and bred in the deepest of the deep of southern places, the beautiful yet tragic, State of Alabama. They were soon removed from formal schooling when it was realized that Allison was leaving deep crescent moon shaped bite marks on the arms of the boys in her class and Catherine discovered that she could raise her body temperature at will to 102 degrees and had to be sent home daily due to self induced fever.

Allison took up guitar and ...

Acoustic rock from Venice Florida a mix of Doors Lennon and Crow

2 piece female fronted punkrocknroll assault from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Regrettes are an American punk rock band from Los Angeles. The band is led by frontwoman Lydia Night. They released their debut studio album, Feel Your Feelings Fool! on Warner Bros. Records in January 2017.

Thunderous rock with a technical groove heavy flow - check out <a href="">The Righteous Devices</a>

Very smilar vocals to Tuuli

cool rock n roll band from the drag strip race

The SheBeats unleashed a glorious ray of up beat 60’s inspired pop over an audience that looked for all the world as if they were in a queue for some bread in war torn Bosnia. It was like watching a beautiful golden shower being sprayed over a small crowd of homeless orphans.

- Hellon Hill, Moles Club, Bath

Requiring no modest introduction, The SheBeats are an innovative new quintet who have been brandishing their salient style to satisfied punters all across the UK. No, they are not just another girl band, but an evocation of all things great about 60~s pop and electro rock. Their refreshing approach to song construction has been outclassing most other bands on the independent scene, and with a charming frivolity on and off the stage the girls are quickly accumulating a fully fledged army of fans....

very young all girl band from los angeles ca. between the ages of 13-16


2 girls and 2 guys from Los Angeles, California that play a unique blend of post-punk, emo, indie rock and pop....check them out........heavy, moody, melodic, serious......

the sound laydee is penny from new zealand and everyone should listen to her. she plays keyboard, raps and does an awesome cover of liar by bikini kill. her sound laydee rap about white boy cock rock like eminem, korn and limp bizkit is excellent. penny does a zine called cindy and yes thats it.

The Sounds are:

Maja Ivarsson - Vocals
Felix Rodriguez - Guitars
Johan Bengtsson - Bass
Jesper Anderberg - Synthesizers
Fredrik Nilsson - Drums

Virtually everything written about the band over the last three years mentions how this band from the small southern Swedish city of Helsingborg stalks the stage like they think they're the greatest band in the world. "I can't really help myself onstage," singer Maja (pronounced "Mya") Ivarsson says. "We're not really putting...

theSTART, fronted by Aimee Echo of Human Waste Project.

Aimee is a really unique vocalist, I don't think you'll find anyone who sounds like her!

The Ting Tings are an English indie/electronic band, consisting of two members: Jules De Martino (drums, vocals) and Katie White (vocals, guitar, bass drum). The first single released was Great DJ, which was featured as the Song of the Week on iTunes, and received considerable airplay on new music stations, as well as hyped by magazines. The single "Shut Up and Let Me Go" appeared in an iPod commercial in late April 2008, and has steadily been climbing the charts.

"The Tommys single-handedly erase every grrl-punk disappointment I've watched over the last couple of years (and believe you me there's been a few since the halcyon days of Kenicke and Elastica some eight years ago) with a fierce set of slack-jawed fast paced rock 'n' roll straight from the Runaways blueprint."

Andy James, Leeds Music Scene

5 member U.S. pop-rock girlband, released self-titled album on Arista label in 1998. Laila Samuels: lead & backing vocals; Hege Solli: electric & acoustic guitars; May Hole: bass guitar & backing vocals; Kristin Werner: keyboards & backing vocals; Linda Gustafsson: drums & percussion.

All female punk rock band from Seattle. Loud, fast riffs and rhythm, with raspy vocals to die for, The Valkyries slay live and on your music player!

The Veloras are an all-girl band from Michigan's west coast who play mostly 60's influenced garage rock.

The Veronicas are an Australian singer/singwriter duo composed of identical twin sister Jess and Lisa Origliasso

The band “The Weed” was born through a game in June 2002 at an old piggery used as studio on a hill in Piacenza, Italy.
From then, its 5 members, who started with the intention of giving life to a stoner rock project, amused themselves by influencing the band’s sound, each drawing on their diverse musical expertise and backgrounds.

In 2003 they recorded “Overview”, their first self-financed demo composed of 7 songs, two of which were published in the following compilations: “Desert Sounds” – a...

"As a classically trained singer and a lover of all musical genres, Tiffany sets out to draw from each influence to create a sound all her own. With a team of talented and accomplished musicians and producers, Tiffany has released her debut album,"Poet," as of February 26, 2008 writing her own lyrics and melody throughout the majority of the album and pairing it with the enchanting music compositions of Jason English. She draws inspiration from genres such as classical, opera, neo...

1980's, all girl band from Los Angeles,

Tiktak is a Finnish all-girl band which was formed in a band school in Helsinki. The band signed for Universal Music on 7th of May 1999 when most of the band members were only 13 years old. They released their first single "Sekoitat mun maailman" on 23rd of August 1999 and the second single "Lopeta" was their breakthrough. Since then the band has gained great domestic popularity.

Members of the band are: Petra (vocals), Mimmu (bass), Emppu (guitar, vocals), Noora (guitar, vo...


Tina Cousins is a 25-year-old model turned singer. Born in the sleepy seaside town of Essex, England, her first super-hit was Mysterious Times, a collaboration with Sash!, and the follow-up single did well also.

Tiny Terrors is an all girls garage/rock band from Belgium/France, which was formed in 2008.
3 months after their first practice, they already terrorised the Bordeaux local scene.
They have shared the stage with bands such as: Sonny Vincent, The Plastiscines, Cooper, Craftmen Club, Guerilla Poubelle, Flying Over...
In 2010, guitarist Léo left the band but the girls wanted to go on and found quickly after another guitarist.
The band, as they are today Cindy, Agathe, LoLa and Marion Terror, a...

Brilliant. Gorgeous. Breath taking. Exuberant. Real. Woman. Heartfelt. Amazing. Wonderful. Calming. Sexy. There are so many ways yet it is so difficult...
The beauty is all her and she shares it with everyone.

Boston based band 1975-1978. Led by Lorry Doll, one of punk's original riot grrrls to sneer at popular convention and strap on a Stratocaster. Released the 7" single "Brakes On You" b/w "Bombs Away" in 1977 (Blue Door Records/distributed by Bomp) which was subsequently bootlegged on the infamous Killed By Death (KBD) and Hyped2Death compilation series. Lorry relocated to New York City and led the punk 'n' roll bands the Wild Ones and the Doll-Reys from the late 70s through the 90s, releasing sev...

Singer/Songwriter from New York plays electric violin, guitar and piano amonst other things - and she rocks!

Tracy Chapman has captivated audiences around the globe with her pure voice, evocative songs and intense spirit. Along the way she has sold millions of albums won four Grammy Awards. Few artists can match Tracy's gentle but passionate vibrato, her literate lyrical compassion and her uncompromising stance.



Tribella is an all-chic indie-pop trio from Austin, TX.

Earlier this year, The Daily Texan wrote: "With its promising EP 'My Guest List' and a powerful onstage presence, power-pop trio Tribella dispels the stereotype that female groups in music are nothing more than pretty faces." With every performance, the Austin trio has been knocking audiences dead across the US with their shocking musicianship, witty spirit, and powerful, catchy songs. After completing their first US tour, a hi...

a group.....3 girlz

Trueno blanco nació de casualidad por intermedio de un conocido. Empezando via email a finales del 2007 pero tocando desde enero del 2008.
La guitarrista y cantante de Trueno Claudya habia dejado Star Muerta (su anterior banda) y buscaba gente para tocar que también tuvieran ganas de juntarse y divertirse, por otro lado Buji (ex baterista de Alely) y Eva (ex bajista de Alely) se habian separado y buscaban lo mismo. Y asi nacio TRUENO BLANCO sin buscar un sonido definido, simplemente f...

"From dreadlocks, pink converse, massive drinking, a cute bass player, to a pair of strong drumming arms, this band is quite a handful. They are loud, upfront, and with a unique presence that few bands have." -Paula G.

"Fuzzed out, blown up scuzz that takes equal parts PJ Harvey, Mudhoney and Zeppelinesque bends to a more modernized extreme that punctuates the caught in the well vocal strains of a band obviously bent on beating your speakers to death (i.e. 'Million Dolla...

Tsunami Bomb: the 4-piece punk band formed toward the end of the 20th century in Petaluma, California; a sleepy Northern California bay area suburb and home to some of the greatest punk bands in the history of the genre, a virtual hot-bed, the next Seattle?

See 'My Ruin'

Tuuli are four beautiful girls who know how to rock. They have been described as a female Blink182, given their dynamic live chops, and playful attitude. No strangers to the road, Tuuli have just returned from their third US tour, a coast to coast all girl package with The Donnas and Bratmobile. They played to packed houses in virtually every city, including two sold out nights in LA, a SXSW showcase in Austin where they were interviewed by VH1, and finished by headlining the Chart Magazine/CBC ...

All GirlBand from Birmingham - UK

Lead singer (Emma) is often compared to Courtney Love, don't think so myself - u decide.

Twisted Angels are exactly what is needed in the current manufactured world of rock and pop. Formed by 4 schoolfriends in 2002, the band played regularly and as frequently as possible on their home island, the Isle of Man. After 3 years of hard work their album Alter Ego was signed for worldwide distribution and they undertook 3 UK tours in 2005. Received well in all venues, the girls' ability to actually play, combined with their natural love of music won over even the coldest of audiences.


Helen Storer's (of Fluffy) new band.

Helen is writing/singing and playing guitar, the band are currently working on a new record which should be complete in a few months.

Band name is now 'Thee Heavenly Music Association'

The Vibration is a band from New York, making independent music. More info at