Lee Aaron has been Canada's reigning "Metal Queen" since the early 1980's. Lee possesses a powerful but feminine voice that is perfect for the hard rock genre. Her best work includes 1989's "Bodyrock" and 1995's "Emotional Rain". Lee became a successful metal peformer in Europe and Canada in the 1980s/90s. She is currently enjoying a 2nd career as a jazz performer in Canada.

Hard rock guitarist from 80s and early 90s. Played with Joan Jett in the Runaways and made a duet with Ozzy Osbourne in her first album.


The original fem-grunge rockers

Doom gothic Italian band with Cristina Scabbia on vocals.


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American pop singer-songwriter. After performing in the rock music scene of New York City's Lower East Side in 2003 and later enrolling at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, she soon signed with Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records. During her early time at Interscope, she worked as a songwriter for fellow label artists and captured the attention of rapper Akon, ...

Phillipa "Pip" Brown (born c.1981 in Wellington, New Zealand) is a singer-songwriter, better known by her stage name Ladyhawke, playing all the instruments in studio and touring with a band. She was formerly a part of the Wellington band Two Lane Blacktop named for the 1970s road movie of the same name. Before assuming the name Ladyhawke, she formed the band Teenager with Nick Littlemore of Pnau and Empire of the Sun. Ladyhawke named herself after the 1985 Richard Donner film Ladyhawke...

Lady Sovereign is a hip hop/grime artist from London, England. She is the first ever non-American female to have signed a deal with Def Jam Records.

Love 'em or hate 'em, there definitely ain't no one like 'em. Ladytron is a perfectly named group, as its music consists primarily of girls singing -- there's the lady -- and weird robotic synth-derived sounds -- the tron. The name comes from a song off Roxy Music's first album, which came out in 1972, and Ladytron's dance-pop art-primitivism touches on numerous musical points between then and now, including Kraftwerk, Devo, Suicide, Gary Numan, New Order, Man or Astro-man?, and their synth-tras...

Lahannya - the voice of industrial club act Soman and resident DJ at London's Slimelight club - is now presenting her own project, which she wryly describes as dark alternative rock flirting with electro. Her forthcoming album 'Shotgun Reality' has shed the eclectic kitchen-sink sound of her debut EP and comparisons with Throwing Muses and Lush have given way to the likes of Lacuna Coil and Garbage...

Lahannya's first release was a compilation track on US underground noise label Zenflesh, broug...

In the post-Portishead world they are about as good as it gets. Creepy, moody, broody tempestuous, bizarre and enthralling.

LaRva is a metal band from mexico city, formed by three girls and a male vocalist, our major influences are: korn, nine inch nails, kittie, orgy, otep, deftones, static x, nirvana, etc...
as you all know its hard to be females in rock scene, in our lyrics we express this shit, among with our reject to our male based society, our song are about love, hate, depression, anger, sadness...
please visit our official page there will be an english version soon.
our first ...

Four Piece all girl punk band from the 661!

Last House On The Left are three tuff rock chicks from Queensland, Australia.
<img src="">

Las Vin Up se formo en Octubre del 2007, en la zona sur del Gran Buenos Aires. Con algunos pocos ensayos encima la banda debuto en el festival autogestionado CHICAS ROCKERAS, con bandas de integrantes femeninas, y ya a fines del 2007 se grabaron 4 temas para plasmar algo que la gente pueda escuchar. Decididas a llevar adelante el poder femenino en la musica, su gusto musical va desde el punk, surf, garage, cumbia, reggae, stone, ranchera y relacion, hasta el doom, black, gothic metal. Su musica ...

It has only been a little more than a year since Lene Marlin made her first public appearance, yet in such a short time the life of the young Norwegian singer/songwriter has changed beyond belief. With a Grammy winning debut single "Unforgivable Sinner" spending 5 weeks at Number One and holding the record as the fastest and biggest selling single ever in Norway, and now Europe and Japan beckoning, Lene Marlin ( pronounced Ley-nah) looks set for success beyond her wildest dreams.

HardCore Chick rock. Touches On all subjects form her mothers death to lovers who've pissed her off. Her Album is 5:30 Saturday Morning.
The song "Property of Goat Fucker" is a very good tune. The opening line talkes about her mother, who died in a closet from hypervenalation due to an allergic reaction.
She has no Known Website

Kathleen Hannas newest band cool electronic pop songs - catchy and political, le tigre rule. they have an album and an ep out on mr lady records. way too cool.

Level-C attracts the attention of anyone and everyone who comes in their sight. They ranked in the TOP 10, out of 800 bands across the U.S. who competed for The Battle for Ozzfest. Although Level-C did not secure a spot on the season program, they did; however, premier in the first episode which has aired on MTV over 25 times and was in regular rotation for quite some time. Being the only all-female band entered in the competition, Level-C has gained an amazing amount of recognition from the MTV...

All-female metal/rock band from Los Angeles, CA.

Karen Neal and Lynda Mandolyn of Inside Out joined forces with Loomer's Hugh Caley to create a chaotic mass of potty-mouthed nursery rhymes accompanied by a slop of electronic samples, guitar grooves, gross noises and musical genius! You have to hear it to believe it!

Much like Arch Enemy other in your face metal

See Kleenex

Liliths Army formed in 2004 consisting of Sylvie Truman (Vocals / Guitar), Chris Whitley (Drums) and Adam Ray - aka Shorty (Bass). Armed with an albums worth of material the three-piece rock band began their hectic 2005 series of gigs in March kicking off at the Attik, Leicester. Throughout the year the band gigged at a number of venues including; The Charlotte Leicester, The Soundhaus Northampton, The Lark in The Park London, The Swan Nottingham, Sawyers Kettering, The Cellar Milton Keynes, as ...

OK, so we're the Lillettes, we rock hard and we party like bitches, we are erotic cabaret, we are s-punk rock, we are dy-na-mite from our hairsprayed heads to our spike-heeled boots. We'll take you up to Heaven and down to Sins-ville, we'll be very good and then very baaad, we're five rock'n'roll grand dames with a mission to spread decadence, debauchery and our very own brand of garage/punk/glitter/surf-fuelled noize all over this shit-pit of a planet. Come with us if you dare, honey... Angel D...

An English singer/songwriter who had a number one hit in the UK charts with her song "Smile."





SOPHIE SKILLS (guit, voc)
SONDERELLA (bg, voc)

Liquid Mercury is Sandra Espinoza (Vocals-Programming-synths-Drum machine-Lyrics+Charlene S. Townsend(Back up vocals-Guitar-Programming -synths) An electronic/Industrial/gothrock Project from South Texas(Brownsville)Consisting of two female Partners(who love eachother deeply. They are also a Dj team in south texas+Mexico @Several goth/industrial Clubs. Have been together working on music since 98' And produced there first album Mindswirl in 2000 Then followed Sin System which got great reviews o...

NY/NJ's all female hard rockin' party cover band

Little Mix (previously Rhythmix) are a four-piece girlband made up of Essex barmaid Jesy Nelson (20), High Wycombe waitress Leigh-Anne Pinnock (19), and South Shields students Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall (both 18). They rose to fame on the 8th series of The X Factor, becoming the first group to win in the show's history against finalist and runner-up Marcus Collins.

2011: The X Factor

Originally known as Rhythmix, the singers auditioned as soloists. They failed to make it past bootcamp'...

Think you know who Lisa Left-Eye Lopes is? Well think again. Sure, youve seen her in magazines and music videos, and heard her voice on countless hits, but do you really know what makes this woman tick? As the star of TLC, Lisas aggressive on-point rapping and singing helped the Atlanta-based threesome sell more than 20 million records, but shes never been a paint-by-the-numbers artist. And with her new solo debut, Supernova, Lisa emerges as a formidable and complex new voice. One quick listen t...

Beautiful voice

Female melodic metal guitarist.

Singer/guitarist Lorry Doll fronted the Boston based punk n roll band Tracks from 1975-1978 and then the New York City outfits the Doll-Reys and the Wild Ones from the late 70s through the 90s. Tracks Released the 7" single "Brakes On You" in 1977 (Blue Door Records/distributed by Bomp) which was subsequently bootlegged on the infamous Killed By Death (KBD) and Hyped2Death compilation series. The Doll-Reys and the Wild Ones released several more recordings including "White Pumps", "Hotter Than H...

Louise Elizabeth Nurding was born November 4, 1974, in Lewisham, England. The only daughter of parents Tim (a builder) and Lynne -- she has two brothers, Joe and Sam -- Louise has become so famous in the UK that natives know her on a first name basis.

A Stevie Wonder fan, Louise used to be part of the famed R&B group, Eternal, before deciding to fly solo in July 1995.

Despite the success that Louise saw with fellow Eternal members, Easther and Vernie Bennett, and Kelle, what with the 199...

Power Punk. These four girls from canada are very good. One of the girls fathers is Bif Naked manager. Brittany from LOR wrote Non-Violence for Bif naked which became the Stop the Violence theme song.

Lucid Nation started out as L.A.'s most popular riot grrrl band, opening for Team Dresch, Sleater Kinney, The Breeders, Tribe 8 and Bikini Kill. Next came their incarnation as a peace punk band playing gang truce, Food Not Bombs, AntiRacistAction, and Black Panther events. After that Lucid Nation morphed into a loosely organized improvisational ensemble that hit number 1 on college radio and secondary commercial stations with their 100% freestyle, politically charged recording Tacoma Ballet (whi...

Lullacry is a truly special, fresh and outstanding act from Finland determined to leave a visible mark on atmospheric heavy music scene of our current time. Their early roots go back to band named Coarse who released a promising demo Downwards and had a appearance of the "Suomi Finland Perkele" compilation album but it wasnt until several smaller line-up changes happened that things really started to fall in place for the band. Auditions for a new vocalist got them in contract with the amazing f...

3 Hott Chick Fiddlers, 1 guitarist and 1 Guitarron
This female fronted band plays Romanian Gypsy Punk, avante-garde hip-hop, and salty tangos. It's a hot dance event to see them play. They put on an amazing show! Be ready to dance.

Ass kicking riffs, crazy make-up and costumes, heart pounding drums..12 years and still kicking...NYCs finest glam/punk queens!

Very electronic and 80's sounding.

With bands like Lunarclick and theStart emerging, we'll have an 80's revival soon!

Lush are an English alternative rock band, formed in 1987, disbanded in 1998, and reunited in 2015.[1] The current lineup consists of Miki Berenyi (vocals, guitar), Emma Anderson (vocals, guitar), Phil King (bass) and Justin Welch (drums).

They were one of the first bands to have been described with the "shoegazing" label. Later, their sound moved toward Britpop.

Formed in Sacramento, California Luxt has an crazy rock industrial type sound.

New York based foursome fronted by Katrina Chester.

New York City at the age of 16, Lunch moved into a large communal household of artists and musicians in NYC, including Kitty Bruce, daughter of Lenny Bruce. Soon after she earned the surname "Lunch" by regularly stealing lunches for her (often starving) artist friends. After befriending the 'godfathers of punk' Suicide at Max's Kansas City, she founded the short-lived but influential No Wave band Teenage Jesus & the Jerks in 1976 with her artistic partner, No Wave punk-funk-jazz mu...

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson (born March 18, 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden), better known by her stage name Lykke Li, is an indie singer.

She was raised by artistic parents (her mother was a photographer, her father is a musician); she lived in Portugal for five years and spent winters in Nepal and India. At one point, she worked as a dancer on Swedish TV.

Li released her first album, Youth Novels on LL Recordings in the Nordic region on 4 February 2008, prior to a wider European release this June....

Australian Contemporary Original Acoustic Independent 3 piece Sydney based Band. Website has quick to download music files, pics, lyrics, press reviews, news, gig list, etc. Come visit and have a listen for yourself :)