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Level-C attracts the attention of anyone and everyone who comes in their sight. They ranked in the TOP 10, out of 800 bands across the U.S. who competed for The Battle for Ozzfest. Although Level-C did not secure a spot on the season program, they did; however, premier in the first episode which has aired on MTV over 25 times and was in regular rotation for quite some time. Being the only all-female band entered in the competition, Level-C has gained an amazing amount of recognition from the MTV viewing audience. Recently, Level-C has been asked to headline a live taping of Discovery Channels Biker Build Off in South Dakota. The show will air sometime in the fall of 2006. Its an instant jaw drop when these girls step foot on stage and hit their first note, its nothing of what I expected, you girls have it in the bag quoted by many new found fans. They snatch the onlookers up and dont let go. Level-C fans are unreal; they drive hours to experience the show in hopes of leaving their sweat on the floor. Their following grows with every mile they travel, and Level-C continuously builds the ir fan base through touring and taking full advantage of the Internet World. Level-C prides themselves on working with top agencies, such as, Clear Channel, Belkin, and House of Blues. They handle every aspect of this business with strong professionalism. At shows, they take the time to thank the staff, fellow bands, and especially their fans. People generally love and have a great deal of respect for them throughout the musical community. Dave Landers manager for Kittie quoted, " You've got a great band here that is surely overdue a record deal." That is the impression Level-C leaves with everyone they come in to contact with.

Level-C HAS PERFORMED WITH: Kittie, OTEP, Crisis, Halestorm, Dope, Motograter, Slaves on Dope, SHINEDOWN, Tantric, Misfits, SIX FEET UNDER, Finger Eleven, Scum of the Earth, SEETHER, ROB ZOMBIE, Flyleaf, MASTADON, Candiria, etc


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