Mariah Carey, the tasty singer.

More hits than you can shake a stick at.
Great looking lass...
Not a bad voice either...
Excerpt from official site...
Mariah Carey, the biggest-selling female recording artist of the 1990's is ringing out the decade with Rainbow, her first album of all-new material since 1997's quadruple-platinum Butterfly. According to Billboard (October 16, 1999), Rainbow is "a seamless synthesis of the pure-pop sound that distinguished her earlier efforts and the stre...

Natalie McIntyre was born in 1970, in Canton, Ohio. "Macy Gray" was actually the name of a male family friend of the McIntyres, which Natalie would use in her future screenplays and eventually would claim as her own name.

The daughter of a steelworker and an elementary school math teacher, a young Macy was teased because of her awkward voice, and avoided singing, and even talking.

boo boo bi doo

Although she was mocked for her voice and practically vowed never to sing, she did like music and...

sebastian bach was the singer in this band..along with two sisters who played the guitar and drums..the drummer went on to play drums in vixen.

Madonna... the biggest selling female artist of all time (probably).

Been around for years and still going strong.

In 2004 and early 2005, she presents the project: "Tejedora de Sueños" (Dreams Weaver), in a joint venture with Discos Antidoto de Mexico. The new musical proposal combines electronic and acoustical sounds, some performed with pre-hispanic instruments. The lyrics are related to the magic of the Mayan and Mexica spirituality. Also in 2005 In Costa Rica, the director of the Orquesta Centroamericana de la Papaya, Manuel Obregón, invites her like as a guest composer, to participa...

One of Australia's finest guitar driven bands

"In the depths of January 1981, BETTINA KÖSTER and GUDRUN GUT stepped from the smoldering ashes of their previous band MANIA D shouldering the yoke of a feverish new project they called MALARIA!. And with the release of the maxi EP "Malaria!" in April that year, the fever spread.
The band filled out to include MANON P. DUURSMA, NL ("O.U.T." an early Nina Hagen project), CHRISTINE HAHN, USA (Static, Glen Branca) and SUSANNE KUHNKE, BRD (Die Haut) absorbing their dive...

Manda was once better known for being the keyboard player in the Scottish band BIS (they were signed to the Beastie Boys label Grand Royal). Now she is making her own music.

Mandy Moore started her career at the tender age of 14. At a young age, she adapted herself by posessing her talents by acting in school plays and singing at local sporting events in Orlando. Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, April 10, 1984, she has emerged as one of the hottest young starts of today. Since her first CD release with So Real in 1999, Mandy Moore’s career has flourished as she has released even more hit records, starred in such movies as Princess Diaries, A Walk To Remember, Saved, T...

See 'My Ruin'


Heavy, electronic, female-fronted, Los Angeles band featuring members of Hate Dept and Pseudocipher.

Electro-rock-punk-gothish-noize made by pissed off girls.

Chasing Eva is primarily a female vocal album built around guitars and other live instruments, bound together with quirky electronica and crisp programmed beats. This is an album with a very contemporary sound both vocally and musically. Melanie Garside (AKA Maple Bee) uses her voice creatively - in whispers, confiding, intimate - close-up, spoken, distant, passionate and just plain good singing.

The richly textured gothic aesthetic of the cover art appropriately sets the mood for Ch...

Singer/songwriter Marci Geller's songs reveal a life streaked with conficting tales of intimacy, abuse and survival, weaving a blanket of healing through passionate melodies and striking harmonics. She's performed on national TV (Live! with Regis, CNN Worldbeat, Good Day NY, etc.), written for soundtrax (Nickelodeon, Metro, WE, Etc.)and toured toured internationally. Artist Website:

Founded by Cindy Shea in 1999, the all-female Mariachi Divas are continuously making big waves on the Los Angeles music scene. Mariachi Divas is a unique, multi-cultural ensemble, and over the years has been represented by women of: Mexican, Cuban, Samoan, Argentinian, Columbian, Panamanian, Puerto Rican, Swiss, Japanese, and Anglo decent. Founder and Director Cindy Shea states, “Music is a way of uniting our cultural backgrounds.”
riachi Divas has been featured at the Arrowhead Pond, Universal ...

Diamandis was born in Abergavenny, Wales to a Greek father and a Welsh mother,[9] and brought up in the village of Pandy with her parents and her older sister.[10] She attended Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls, of which she said "I sort of found my talent there... I was the one who always skived off choir, but I had an incredible music teacher who managed to convince me I could do anything."[11] When her parents separated, Diamandis moved to Greece when she was sixteen years old...

Marsheaux is a Greek synthpop duo formed in Athens in 2003. The group is composed of vocalists, songwriters and keyboardists Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou. The name Marsheaux is derived from the first syllable of each band member's name. Both members sing almost exclusively in English. Andy McCluskey of OMD said about this band: "I do have a soft spot for Marsheaux I have to say. They have a certain sort of wispy, melancholic charm".

FOUNDING MEMBER DRAIN STH: We released 2 full length albums ( Horror Wrestling and Freaks of Nature) on Mercury records and Island Def Jam, a EP and also some soundtacks (Detroit Rock City etc). Some of the bands that we toured with: Black Sabbath (US, and Europe) Ozz-fest (US) -97 and -99, Megadeth (US) Rammstein (Eurrope) Pantera (US) System of a Down (US) Godsmack (US) Rob Zombie (US) Filter (US) Powerman 5000 (US) Static X (US) Fear Factory (Europe) Type O Negative (US) Machine Head (US) Cla...

Punk chick band from Kansas City

Massacorea is a female fronted industrial-rock band with the Angelic vocals of Andrea Thompson herself, programing, sampling, and guitars by mike moore, rugged upbeat drums by john flemming, and godlike basslines by ed gana. Massacorea are from philly and are still breaking out into the local scene. Please show your support and visit their site at and link them to your site if you have one. Thank you very much! and rock on girlies!

Matador was founded in 1982 by BEATE BARTEL, MANON P. DUURSMA and GUDRUN GUT for experimenting in sound and visual arts. Their first performance was in june 1982 at the Documenta in Kassel at which time Beate was still busy with LIAISONS DANGEREUSES and Gudrun and Manon with MALARIA. This was followed by performances in women centers and artschools, releases on cassette-labels in England, Japan and Germany and involvement in experimental movies.

After the 1987 release of their first album A TOU...


Leah Duors - Vox
Hayley Cramer - Drums
Cat de Casanove - Guitars
Sophie Taylor - Bass

This coming January (22nd) sees the release of McQueen's debut album "Break the Silence" on Newcastle based Independent Rock label Demolition Records.

The album was produced by up and coming producer Richie Kayvan in between a healthy touring schedule that's spanned the last two and a half years with tracks being ferried to the U.S. to Evil Joe Barresi producer of QOTSA and Tool to mix.

Singer/songwriter Melanie Doane was born and raised in Nova Scotia and spent her young life surrounded by musical instruments. Her father, a music teacher and bandleader, taught her to play the violin and ukulele. She later learned to play virtually "anything with strings on it."

band lead by Michelle Meldrum ex Phantom blue guitarist. cool nice songs. their debut: Loaded mental cannon


MIASMA is a creative collaboration between Canadian writer, performer, and media artist, Myra Davies, and Berlin Electronica composer and broadcaster, Gudrun Gut. Since 1991, MIASMA has been the umbrella for the duo's multi-faceted creative process that begins with spoken word and music and encompasses film and video, live concert shows, theatrical productions, dance, internet media, writing in print, and gallery installation.

Over the years, women from many countries have participated on stage...

Nobody cranks out stacks of obvious, lifeless lyrics for Michelle Branch. There's no one telling the seventeen-year-old how to move, what to wear, or what to sing about. Nobody writes her songs for her. At a time when young people are force-fed so much pap-pop, Michelle's music is a deep breath of fresh honesty.

I heard this band back in 1996, they're a group of girls from Australia, very cool. I can't find any info on them, but if you happen to find a Midget Stooges LP or CD, don't hesitate to buy it! The one song I know is called "shit house" it blends punk with comedy, singing about the tragedies of being a teenager (well not really).

All girl four peice punk band from Huntsville, Alabama. Check them out at

Girls. In boots. Rocking The Kinks.

The unstoppable rock machine that is MINX was born from the ashes of the band Scratching Post.

Rising like a fiery phoenix, MINX will bathe listeners with purifying flames of sheer rock fury.

This band from Killeen, Texas cannot really be catogorized. Lead by a female singer, MiPhix is one part metal, one part rock, one part pop and all good :)

I'm a singer songwriter from Texas and I act like one. I've been playing and writing professionally since I was 17. No matter what I'm singing, I want to say something that makes people think. I want people to hear my songs and feel something. I want to be appreciated as someone whose music is REAL. I am thrilled with the success of my new album. I wrote 11 of the 12 cuts and my label gave me full creative freedom.

Miranda Lambert took home Album of the Year honors for her critically acclaimed ...

An 'almost' all chick band (male drummer) hailing from Pittsbugh, PA. They hold a heavy, tight sound developing more and more each day. Music inspirations include: Kittie, My Ruin, Otep...

Linda Carlsson aka Miss Li is a Swedish singer. Miss Li’s musical style is a mix of jazz, cabaret and blues and her lyrics are naive and simple and full of life.

Miss Li’s debut record, Late Night Heartbroken Blues was released in November 2006 on National Records. In 2007 she released her second full length, God Put a Rainbow In the Sky in may. Miss Li’s new album Songs of a Rag Doll came out in October 2007.

Missy Higgins (born Melissa Morrison Higgins on August 19, 1983, in Melbourne) is one of Australia’s most popular female singer-songwriters. Missy (Melissa) was thrust into the limelight in her homeland when she won a demo competition conducted by the national alternative broadcaster, Triple J. Although she was still at high school, her song All For Believing quickly became one of the station’s most requested tracks of 2001. In 2005, Missy took out 5 major ARIA Awards: Album of the Year (for The...

Mod Ev
Out of Detroit, MI, Mod Ev is a don't mess with me, in your face rock band with Tonya Provost on vocals and Eva on rippin guitars.

What is Moler?<br>
It's pure garage trash oz rock hillbilly style sci-fi slice of punk 77 style pop music that makes you wanna consume that miniscule moment and drink lotsa beer Moler was born a beautiful baby, grew into a terrible teenager and now matured into a MONSTER. MOLER come complete with big fat fuzzy riffs, screeching Linda Blair vocals and chaos and hellfire in drumland. Tune that transistor half way between radio ABBA and NAP...


An English band who had Skye Edwards on lead vocals up until 2003, now it's Daisy Martey.

drums + guitar + vocals: lo-fi rock'n'roll all-girl trio from Rome, Italy.
Released a 7 inches in 2001: "See you at Bouledogue".
Three Italian girls show how it's done on this vinyl three-tracker, a bass-less (that's drums and guitars, with vocals) ball of energy that they produced and released themselves. "King Kobra" is 1min20sec of Sonic Youth-esque snarl while "Can't Explain" (not the Who song) is an equally tasty slab of grind and swagger with a quirky and insistent guitar track, all ...

Femme-fronted, balls-out, in-your-face metal punk!

Band that kicks ass wherever they may go.

MT-TV an original all-girl rock band from England, currently touring the US.

Hot women playing shit hot rock!

Theire name is MUMBLE RUMBLE and this all-female quartet was formed in Bologna (Italy) in 1990.

Their project has always been to create original and personal songs based on rock, by using different styles and languages in absolute freedom. This is evidence of their reluctance towards any kind of “borders” and everything that can bind their expressiveness.

Important, strong, sensual, energetic, deep, rational and passionate at the same time: these are some of the adjectives that describe the m...

Female-led, darkly atmospheric soundscape act from Detroit in the vein of black tape for a blue girl and Miranda Sex Garden.

3 piece band from Melbourne. No website, no recordings, but trust me...they're unreal!

MYLAR is an unusual hard rock band based in NYC. MYLAR's music combines punk, metal, progressive, and alternative styles. Visit their website at

A 2 piece band from England with Leah Newcombe on vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, and her boyfriend Richard Norton on the electric guitar. Together they really do make beautiful music.

Mylène Farmer was born in Pierrefonds, Quebec Canada, a suburb (now borough) of Montreal, to parents from France; her family returned to France when she was eight.

She chose her stage name Farmer in homage to Frances Farmer.

She is very popular in French-speaking countries, and the only artist selling more than 1 million copies of each album in France. She is also a very big star in Russia, Ukraine and in the Eastern European Countries. Though she's virtually unknown in English speaking c...

Rock band from Norway with singer Halldis Madsen on lead vocals.

We are two girls and a guy....we write and play what we know and love to be true.

a metal band with a weird twist,real in your face screaming