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In 2004 and early 2005, she presents the project: "Tejedora de Sueños" (Dreams Weaver), in a joint venture with Discos Antidoto de Mexico. The new musical proposal combines electronic and acoustical sounds, some performed with pre-hispanic instruments. The lyrics are related to the magic of the Mayan and Mexica spirituality. Also in 2005 In Costa Rica, the director of the Orquesta Centroamericana de la Papaya, Manuel Obregón, invites her like as a guest composer, to participate with one of the themes contained in Tejedora de Sueños, 'Nanita', in the latest album 'Tierra de la Dulce Espera' of this international orchestra.
In the same etno-fusion style of "Tejedora de Sueños", in 2007 Magda Angelica releases her latest and most powerful album: Ilhuikatzin "Venerable Heaven" in Nahuatl language). Totally recorded in Guatemala with musicians from US, Brazil and Guatemala.


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