Before Queen Adreena, Katie Jane Garside fronted Daisy Chainsaw....

There is a distinctive southern lilt in singer-songwriter Dana Glover's voice, but that voice is blue-eyed soul, not big-hat country

Danielle de Picciotto is an american artist living in Berlin, Germany.

She works as a painter, illustrator, filmaker and musician.

ā€¯Danielle de Picciotto beckons us irresistibly, into the lands of whimsy that flow with such soulful precision from her pen. Anything - the dissonant, the miraculous, the doomed - is possible here, but not without a price. This is the stuff of fairytales from the old school; a happy ending is by no means a given.

Nestling within delightfully deft borders, these pi...

New all girl-band from London.

Line-up includes Angie Adams and Bridget Jones, both ex-members of Fluffy

female fronted band from Australia.

Death, sex, drugs and guitars are just a few of the colours in this dazy chain of loud powerful lust driven pop, scarred with the chisel of surrealism and polished with the blood, sweat and tears of Messiahs. Its only agenda is to kick down your doors of Perception and to

From arts industrial waste land the guitar bitch cometh. Armed with
7 string warlocks and driven by a machine consisting of Line 6, Marshall stacks and Computers.


the pop sensibilities of Garbage combined with the sensual goth tendencies of Curve

Delirium Theory are a 4 piece female fronted (and backed!) rock/funk/metal band from Leeds/Sheffield, United Kingdom.

They just recorded our 4 track demo and are now getting ready to get out there and gig!

They're going to hit you in the face like a sledgehammer!

They're similar to sleater-kinney, le tigre, with really good electric and acoustic songs. they have a sound all their own though.

The talented singer/songwriter wrote most of the material for the CD. Another Neighbours actress/singer but with a good voice.

Kick ass all girl metal punk rock from Portland, Oregon. Wickedly entertaining live sets, sweet ass cds, cute girls, hot tshirts, and sparkly stickers. Everything that a band should be.

Des'ree's songs resonate with the ordinary made extraordinary. Her gift is to take experiences from daily lives and mundane happenings and elevate them to magical status and combine them with beautiful melodies and that lush, caramel voice to build something special.

The Houston-based quartet began with the meeting of 7 and 8-year-old girls Beyonc Knowles and LaTavia Roberson. The founding members of the group first met while auditioning for a children's group. Beyonc's cousin, Kelly Rowland, soon joined the girls, and the trio was finally joined by the fourth part of the group, LeToya Luckett.

Managed by Music World Management's Matthew Knowles -- who is also Beyonc's father and Kelly's legal guardian -- the four young girls with big dreams became Destiny'...

Helen Destroy (drums for Lunachicks) along with Laurie and Sandy Box (of Bitchcat). Hard punk/metal/rock from NYC. for all info.

A resident of New York City since 1989, Diamanda Galás was born to Anatolian and Greek parents, who always encouraged her gift for piano. She studied a wide range of musical forms, as well as visual-art performance, before moving to Europe. There she made her performance debut at the Festival d'Avignon in France in 1979, performing the lead in the opera, "Un Jour comme un autre," by composer Vinko Globokar, based upon the Amnesty International documentation of the arrest and tortu...

they got the grind and gnarl of grunge, punk, and alternative all colliding to form such great songs like "sweet teeth", "saddle tramp" and others...rock on!!!

Dido was five when she stole her first recorder. This didn't lead to prison, but rather to her entrance one year later to the guildhall school of music in london. A bit of a child prodigy, by the time she was 10 she played piano, violin, and the aforementioned recorder.
Her teenage years were an interesting mixture of stealing her brother's record collection (from the clash to Gregory Isaacs to Duran Duran) and touring the UK with her classical music ensemble. And then, at 16, she finally fell ...

Rockin four piece from the UK, unfortunately no longer together. Last release was 'Son Of Filth' in 96 on Henry Rollins label 2.13.61 Records.

Great rocking band from Germany! Singer Marta Jandova has one of the best rocking and powerful voices I ever heard. Also a great live band, performing heavy alternative rock and sweet guitar ballads.

Die So Fluid:
Grog: Voice and bass
Al Fletcher: Drums
Drew Richards: Guitar

Every now and then a band comes along in which from the moment you first hear of them you are unable to purge them from your mind. Die So Fluid, spawned from the dark depths of the a proscribed past have come to invade your airwaves with their raw and classy metal, tinged with their ethereality, vivaciousness and heavy noise able to make you either sodden yourself with awe or pee with glee. Never before will you hav...

female punk band...growling vocals...great stuff

Kickass female duo, featuring hot vocal harmonies, electric violin and moody electric guitar. Harmony driven alt-folk rock, with a touch of bluegrass, jazz and punk. Played Michigan Womyn's last year and tour all over the country. Great website with full songs, picts and personal journal page.


Charissa Saverio, also known as DJ Rap, has for the last eight years been the undisputed queen of the hardcore and drum'n'bass turntables. She's become a prime mover, the prime female mover in fact, on the hardcore, jungle and drum'n'bass scenes that have shaped the last ten years of her and countless other lives. As a producer, she's consistently rolled out the tracks that have made the rave scene rock: from 1990's Ambience - The Adored to 1993's Spiritual Aura and 1996's Roughest Gunark. As a ...

Three piece all singing, all dancing, with harmonies girl group. Three lead female vocalists.

Although working and residing in New York city, Dorit Chrysler was born in Austria. Despite having a masters degree in music she has chosen to become a virtuoso on perhaps the most unusual electronic instrument of all, the theremin; a distinctive sound perhaps known to most people only for the Beach Boys Good Vibrations. She is also the founder of the NY theremin society and the European theremin association, creating community platforms for thereminists. She also fronted the band Halcion, a NYC...

Doro Pesch is the metal goddess! She has a great voice and many today's female singers learnt how to sing from her. she sang also in Warlock.

Great band from spain, fronted by the two Amparo sisters

Dracena was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1994 by Mia.

Our first recording was made in 1997, a 4-track demo named Demo 97 and unofficially released as tape, 100 copies.

The second demo was recorded at Los Angered recordings in 1999, contained 3 tracks and released as both CDR-demo and 7" red vinyl (Limited 300 copies) at Bloodstone (Swe).

Thrid demo was recorded at Terrordome in 2001, also this a 3-track release on CDR-demo.

Dracena has played live supporting bands like Agathodaimon, Sacr...

"Like drunken sex on speed this has been a long time coming. Theyve produced a double-barrelled blast up of grease, dirty energy that bursts its way from a stack of speakers. Kinda like Dwarves and early Dead Kennedys bitching over who likes Motorhead more" 8/10 - Paul Raggity @ RockSound

U know how Coheed and Cambria have their comic book ? Its a story. Dragstrip Kitty is the story of Niki Meow. A girl from the east coast.. tryin to make it on the west coast. and there are sharks in the ocean at every turn. From bartending at the troubadour to sharkeez. hollywood to the beach Tryin to f*** u over managers. tryin to f*** u..everyone.. at everyturn. life in hollywood. 10 f***in1. best friends who r fake and morale~less. when u r all u have. u better not let yourself down.. the lif...

Noted today for their Seattle / Grunge sound, Stockholm all female quartet DRAIN have undergone many direction changes in both musical style and image. Guitarist Flavia Canel and drummer Martina Axen have been together in many acts starting with Punk band LIVIN' SACRIFICE. As this act progressed the sound developed into more of a Hard Rock vein.

As the band then veered into more of a mainstream Pop direction Axen, Calen and vocalist Malin Ekholm quit, forming a new band in the form of RAG DOLL ...

Theatrical punk cabaret. female vocals with an insane range, piano and drums. Like nothing ever before!
dresden dolls website

A British based band with a very cool Brazilian lead singer/bassist called Isabel Monteiro. Their most famous moment was no doubt having Thom Yorke from Radiohead duet with Isabel on their single El President.

British band fronted by Sarah Blackwood.

Deborah Ann Gibson was born August 31, 1970, in Long Island, New York. With her family always behind her, Deborah wanted to delve into show business at an early age and began songwriting at the age of five.

She also took her talent to the stage of the Community Theater, with her sisters. Three years later, she was part of the children's chorus at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

only in our dreams

By the time she signed to Atlantic Records at age 16, Deborah had already showed...