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Danielle de Picciotto is an american artist living in Berlin, Germany.

She works as a painter, illustrator, filmaker and musician.

”Danielle de Picciotto beckons us irresistibly, into the lands of whimsy that flow with such soulful precision from her pen. Anything - the dissonant, the miraculous, the doomed - is possible here, but not without a price. This is the stuff of fairytales from the old school; a happy ending is by no means a given.

Nestling within delightfully deft borders, these pieces are delicately crafted narratives in themselves, within which lovely, tattooed creatures hold their own against the odds - on their knees perhaps, but not beaten. De Picciotto creates heroines, whose poignant plights cannot fail to touch our own.‘
Lisa Turner

Her playful approach of dealing with diverse media illustrates her conviction that only by combining different elements something truly new can originate, both in art as in society.

Besides her own solo and group exhibitions she has organized countless art, music and charity events always consigned to breaking norms and making new forms visible and possible.

Together with Dr. Motte she founded the Love Parade.

Musically she sang with the hip hop crossover band “Space Cowboys” and with the “Ocean Club” together with Gudrun Gut.

Her collaborations with Alexander Hacke “The Tiger Lillies“, Dr Motte, Gudrun Gut, Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld, Stefan Hoenerloh, Dead Chickens, West Bam, Marusha, Ben Becker, Johnny Klimek, Terranova, Jim Avignon, Hanin Elias, David Harrow (Dub Syndicate), Lillevän, Rechenzentrum, Zeitblom, Anita Lane, and many other artists and musicians have helped to communicate the colourful creative scene Berlins subculture can offer.


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