We're dirty and hungry and angry. We live in a van and spend most nights on a hard floor. We're passionate about music, individuality, independance, freedom and Jack Daniels. We don't want to appeal to the lowest common denominator, have a number one hit or play wembley arena. We prefer outcasts, selling our own CDs and sweaty hovels full of passionate music fans and loud, trashy music. Our supporters tend to be a bit mad, we like that.

obsessive / adj., noun adj. thinking too much about one p...

Fredericksburg, Va band with female vocals, bass and second guitar, and male lead guitar and drums. lyrics of heartache and bad decisions, original guitar riffs and thrashing drums that will get you pumped up and singing along. [unfortunatly the band broke up and are trying to regroup w/ out the guys]

Operator Please is a five-piece band from the Gold Coast that formed early in 2005. Their adventure began when Elanora High School was holding its annual Battle of the Bands competition. Discovered through their MySpace profile, Operator Please is currently signed to Virgin/EMI for Australia and New Zealand and Brille in the UK.

They released their third single Just A Song About Ping Pong in Australia, debuting at #15 on the ARIA charts. They also released Just A Song About Ping Pong in the UK,...

Formed in 2005 and currently unsigned.


Formed by Otep Shamaya from LA in 2001, OTEP is an art project/band/brainfusion/movement/process; breaking ground, breaking rules, breaking sound barriers. Aggressive. Pummeling. Assault. Pure Adrenaline. Death Metal at its EmoCore of Heavy Mental Rock.

Brutal in your face METAL! Otep is one of the most orginal bands to date. From gut wrenching screams, skull fucking drums and so much more. Otep will kick you where it hurts.

When Jennifer Finch left L7 to go to college, she also joined a band called OTHER STAR PEOPLE. In this band she plays guitar and does some vocals as *Precious*. A far cry from the sounds of L7, but a nice band anyway.

Industrial-Goth-Pop-Rock, incredible band from the excellent female fronted vocals to the band pushing the sonic stage-set background!

Band fronted my Mel Garside...apparently the sister of Katie Jane!! (Queen Adreena/Daisy Chainsaw)

Now renamed as 'Vertigo Angels'

Out Of Embers are a four piece rock band based in the U.K.

The band emerged in 2008 from the rollercoaster come train crash that was The Tommys with guitarist Stevie Shepperson joined by Lozzy Bennett (Helen Keller) on bass and Chelsea Bishop (Swallow) on drums.

Long term friend Kat Upton (Idle Silver) then joined to complete the line-up.

Stand back!

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Ovejas is an Argentine Rock Band
María Florencia: Voice- Guitar
Elixa: Drumms
Sofia: Bass