Pain Killer is a leading front lady rock band from Indonesia.
Front person is Tashea Nicole Delaney a.k.a Tash, she is the lead vocals and lead guitarist in Pain Killer.
Pain Killer was formed in 2004 but has changed in a variety of ways throughout the years.
Pain Killer started off by doing Iron Maiden and Metallica covers. Tashea slowly began writing and composing her own material - til where she stands today.
Influenced by Joan Jett, Hole, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Hendrix, Motley Crue, Metallica,...

all girl hardcore from Hamilton,ON Canada...

Sometimes things just fall in to place. The five members of Paramore, vocalist Hayley Williams (17), bassist Jeremy Davis (21), lead guitarist Josh Farro (18), drummer Zac Farro (15) and guitarist Hunter Lamb (20) all discovered music on their own, in different ways, but as soon as they got together something just clicked. The confident, upbeat music found on their debut album ALL WE KNOW IS FALLING exudes a rare natural chemistry that is easily addictive and makes them impossible to ignore.


Up beat, cool stuff all girls 13-15. Punk Rock

One hit wonders (I think?)

Realesed the track 'Spice Girls (Who do you think you are?)' - great piss take!

As quoted by Karin Nicely our vocalist "Mysterious Music for the Mind & Soul."

Our band is comprised of 6 people, a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist, a vocalist, and two percusionists.

We have had tons of reviews on the web, and in magazines both internationally and in the US.

We have been compared to bands such as The Gathering and Lacuna Coil.

We currently have two cds, the first Evening Mirage, and the second "MoonSpell", and we are working on a third to be called "Opposition".


all girls..heavy guitar

Who are "The Phantoms"?
If you lived in Boston during the 70's and 80's and went to any rock clubs, you probably know who they are. You may have even seen them driving around in a convertible MG with bleached blonde mohawks, or arriving at the Modern Theater in a checker cab stuffed with all their gear!
"The Phantoms" were the first 3 piece band with 2 females, a lead guitarist/songwriter/vocalist and a woman on bass guitar, to play the punk club circuit in Boston during the ...

Photo Booth Smile - a three piece band fronted by Jasmin Dean, with bassist Emma Dyall and drummer Cwaig Hatton.

We perform a stunning set of self penned material accompanied by many covers that are a treat for those there to hear them. Vocally strong with a distinctive sound!!

Theres more than one colour to Pink.

I hope this album shocks people who think they know who I am or what Im about says the feisty 22-year-old. Her debut album last year was an out-of-the-blue double platinum smash within the US and gained platinum and Gold discs around the world. Cant Take Me Home spun off three Top 40 hits, two of them Top 10, one gold. Along the way, she also scored a #1 smash hit in a sensational teaming with three of the other hottest new female stars of the new millenni...

since 2008,this new school band is established in the begining of 2008. It is a punk music band originated from Shanghai to accentuate Mixture Rock Style of underground music. Group members are yoi(Vocal)?toni(Gt)?porc(Ba)?da men(Dr.); 4 people of this band come from Shanghai,.and besides the guitar,all the menbers r girl.thin finger and strong power!jump for their a punk band they try theri bast! after
change of the menber,still dont have the bass,these days they began...

rock-pop Girl band formed in 2009. they play covers and original. the girls are from Mexico. Lis (vocal) Raquel (guitar) Elena (bass) and Cristina (drums). You can watch videos and photos or

Polly Jean Harvey (born 9 October, 1969) is an English musician, singer-songwriter, composer and occassional artist.

Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she is also proficient with a wide range of instruments including piano, organ, bass, saxophone, and most recently, the autoharp.

Harvey began her career in 1988 when she joined local band Automatic Dlamini, featuring long-term collaborator John Parish, as a vocalist and saxophone player. However, in 1991, she formed an eponymous trio...

All female band from Madrid.


P(*)E is an amazing singer/songwriter whose lyrics and groove-filled songs are extremely awesome and practically indescribable. Her debut album 'Hello' ('96) was spectacular and just recently followed up by her latest album 'Haunted' ('00). She is brilliant and should be checked out my everyone!

1988/1989 all female band. Jaye Foucher on guitar.


Poppy And The Jezebels are a Birmingham based four piece who take healthy influences from The Slits, The Raincoats and Sparks. With debut single NAZI GIRLS / PAINTING NEW YORK ON MY SHOES, this bunch of fifteen year olds make a sugar sweet indie pop noise, a little self consciously quirky perhaps, but charming stuff nonetheless.
Its the Slits and Raincoats influences that shine through the loudest here, NAZI GIRLS in particular sounding like a long lost song from either of those bands; vocalist ...

Awesome 4pce from Melbourne, Australia

Industrial band from Detroit.


Powder where fronted by Pearl and only had 3 singles released (I think?).

I know of two, Afrodisiac and Deep Fried.

I believe Pearl is now married to Danny of Supergrass.

Powder from LA, fronted by Ninette.

Music is described as 'Turbo Pop', video's are very comic strip.

Powdercake is an original pop-punk rock band consisting of three girls. They are based in Raleigh, NC.

female vocalist. the rest of the band are guys. punky style but it might be said that theyre not as wild as the donnas. heavy punk.

The name of their debut single may be “Rock Star,” but the two cousins that make up Prima J are everything but. In fact, Jessica and Janelle Martinez are so down-to-earth, it seems just as odd that their song is the lead track from the Bratz-- Motion Picture Soundtrack (released by Geffen Records July 31st, with the movie following August 3). Far from precocious and everything but bratty, the pair are actually a real-life version of the comradery and competitive edge captured in the movie.


Three grrls from Whitby, ON. Rawkin' it up as good as we know how. Our songs are different alot. It can be anywhere from Emo/PunkRock/Alternative.

Snapping the gap between rhyme and punchline comes NYC's finest, Princess Superstar! Just take a deep one and dive in!

The time has come for the genre-bending, DIY hip-hop fashionista to flip the underground upside down and dominate the charts with mad hatter hilarity and a voice as smooth as whiskey on crotch. Princess Superstar Is touched down on January 29th, 2002 on Corrupt Conglomerate/Rapster Recs./Studio!K7.

Born in a graffiti-covered manger on 172nd and St. Nicholas Ave to a Sicilian-A...

Public Noise Concern is a 3 piece all female band formed in Albany, New York. PNC has been together for about 3 years and are currently playing shows here and there. These talented girls love playing music and performing it to others.

This is a brazilian rock band that all the 4 members are girls: Barbara Bianeck (vocals), Livia Calil(guitar), Lucy Peart(drums) and Renata Abreu (bass).
You can check their songs at

Patty began as front-woman of Scandal in the 1980's. She later had a successful solo career with her self-titled album in the 1990's; featuring her hit duet "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" with Don Henley. Patty has also been featured on several movie soundtracks in recent years.