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Sometimes things just fall in to place. The five members of Paramore, vocalist Hayley Williams (17), bassist Jeremy Davis (21), lead guitarist Josh Farro (18), drummer Zac Farro (15) and guitarist Hunter Lamb (20) all discovered music on their own, in different ways, but as soon as they got together something just clicked. The confident, upbeat music found on their debut album ALL WE KNOW IS FALLING exudes a rare natural chemistry that is easily addictive and makes them impossible to ignore.

It is this chemistry that keeps Paramore together and sets them apart from their peers. The young band came together in Franklin, Tennessee after 13 year-old Hayley moved into town and met two brothers – Josh and Zac Farro. The three enlisted bassist Jeremy Davis and began performing almost immediately. Newly christened Paramore, they played at local gatherings and their school talent show before graduating to rock venues in and around Franklin.

The combination of musical energy between brothers and Hayley’s bold charisma earned them instant attention, particularly from Florida indie Fueled by Ramen, who signed the band and put them to work recording their debut. Says Hayley, “Some of our favorite bands are on Fueled by Ramen. We knew that they would know exactly how to carry out the vision for our band and music.” Paramore went into the studio with producers James Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Underoath) and Mike Green (Yellowcard, The Black Maria) and blew them away with their sincerity and enthusiasm.

With the record complete, the band hit the road hard, touring constantly with Simple Plan, Straylight Run, The Vans Warped Tour and more, impressing crowds and critics with their passionate positivism. called lead singer Hayley a "powerhouse", Alternative Press declared their songs "explosive and melody rich" and named them a band to watch in 2006, and The New York Times said ALL WE KNOW IS FALLING is one of the best, underrated albums of the year. MTV was so impressed that they chose them for a “You Hear It First” feature.

Paramore describe their music with three words: energetic, emotional and fun. Their live show is explosive and high energy and showcases the bands relentless drive to make sure the audience is having as good a time as they are. In addition to her open-hearted vocal style, Williams has worked hard to expose her life and emotions in her songs. “I always try to write from personal experience,” says Hayley “At first what I was writing was kind of metaphorical, but now I’ve been trying to be more straightforward. It’s all about things that have happened to me or to the people that I love.” Paramore are truly all friends, friends who love playing together and have fun doing it. They share a common goal - to connect with people, and their enthusiasm is catching.

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