Belgian rock band with Sarah Bettens on lead vocals and guitar.

Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall burst onto the public consciousness last year with her gritty debut album ‘Eye to the Telescope’, a provocative sonic mesh of heartfelt pop, rootsy, electric blues, and left-field alt-rock. Eye spawned three hit singles — the Grammy-Award nominated “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree,” “Suddenly I See,” and “Other Side of the World” — all of which became omnipresent on radio, television, movies, and the Internet. Thanks to the multi-media exposure, ‘Eye’ is ce...

Kandi Burruss achieved fame in 1992 as a member of the platinum quartet Xscape. She established herself as the main voice of the group and an accomplished songwriter.

Her first major success as a writer came with the TLC smash "No Scrubs," for which she won a Grammy. In addition, Kandi became the first female to receive the coveted ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Award for Songwriter of the Year.

pour some sugar on us

Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kandi had a penchant for writing lyrics and cre...

Kat Bjelland's new band with her new (ex) husband. If you like Babes In Toyland around the "Fontanelle" or "Painkillers" era, then you'll find comfort in Katastrophy Wife. The CD is hard to find, but any avid Babes fan must have this!

An inspiration to many modern day artists.

-- DaveUK

Kate Bush (Born Catherine Bush on 30 July 1958, Bexleyheath, Greater London) is an English singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. Her eclectic musical style and idiosyncratic lyrics have made her one of the United Kingdom's most successful and original solo female performers of the past 30 years.

BRIT Award-winning and Grammy Award-nominated Bush was signed up by EMI at the age of 16 after being recommended by Pink Floyd's David ...

This Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Katy Perry has been wowing critics and fans alike (including the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna) with her big voice, sassy attitude, and feisty, confessional songs. Her debut album, One of the Boys, is a sharp, witty pop-rock gem. Check her out in all of her glory on her myspace page.

Fans of Letters to Cleo this is a must.
Once she fronted the music of the band Letters to Cleo, now she's on her own and still making greats.

Kenickie were a four-piece punk-indie band from Sunderland, England. The band were formed in 1994 and consisted of lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Lauren Laverne (b. Lauren Gofton), drummer Johnny X (real name Pete Gofton, Lauren's brother), lead guitarist and occasional vocalist Marie du Santiago (b. Marie Nixon) and bass guitarist Emmy-Kate Montrose (b. Emma Jackson). The band's name comes from their favourite character in the 1970s film Grease.

Five-piece band from Georgia, USA. With Carly Gibs on lead vocals & keyboard.

I don't like writing about myself, but I'll try
I'm from Estonia, nobody knows where it is. And it doesn't really matter either.

But I've started to appreciate my roots more since I started traveling a lot and recording this album. When I was little, my country was under the occupation of Russia. And they have this saying in Russia "If u don't beat them up, u don't love them".So, I grew up being loved, but being treated like shit. Nobody respected their kids. And it's amazing, cause ...

If you like Nine Inch Nails, youll love this band headed by chick singer Free Dominguez. Check them out at

3 Canadian girls playing fast, technical indie-hardcore. "Sleater-Kinney meets Refused"

Fronted by a multi-color haired Aussie chick, Killing Heidi is both fun and thought provoking. My father bought the CD because he thought it was quote "Cool looking", refering to the cover with an alien in a spaceship. Luckily his sensors are not too rusty yet because I have found this CD to be very enjoyable, especially the track "Mascara."

A Baltimore-based 3-piece trashy punk band that knows how to rock! Kill Meow formed in the summer of 2007 and has been kicking ass and taking names ever since! With the Fierce, sexy singing and screaming and raunchy guitar riffs that Lily gives to the thunderous thumps of the slutty bass and salty-sweet back up vocals from Colleen weaved together by the blasphemous beats and background screams from Linda. These chicks are ready to take on the WORLD! Watch out .. they're out for Blood and Glory a...

Beautiful. Amazing.

The girl bands consist of three young, beautiful females. We can all sing, have brilliant vocal ability and we are unique in our own way. We are hard working and very determined to prove that we are the best girl group EVER and that is what we want to be. We love to perform live- this is to showcase our talent. As a group we are very down to earth. The band members are: Lera Ghanie 24 Mandy Giltjes 24 Charley Desborough 26. Our style is quite varied also; we are a cross between Sugababes and Pus...

All female punk/rock at it's finist! Visit to find out for yourself. For more info contact me (kat) @ [email protected].

4 Girls in the 17-18 age range, making in your face metal.

New band from Elastica's Donna Matthews

Kleenex was Switzerland's contribution to the women of punk. The group started out in 1978 and evolved through numerous personnel changes throughout the next five years. Only Klaudia, alternating between guitar and bass, was a constant factor from beginning to end. In 1980, the group changed their name to Liliput (due to pressures from the Kleenex tissue company) and continued under that moniker until their demise in 1983. Interesing band.

Japanese Rock band

Vocal/Guitar : Naomi Okuyama
Drums : Satoe Oiwake
Bass : Kaori Yokoo

"If you can imagine Chilli Peppers in a head on smash with Blondie, then thats Krank."

Small Boy Jim

As the most popular and beautiful girls band in China,kungfu string girls band integrate spirit, pneuma and soul in their instrument playing.they create a vigorous Eastern style -- KungFu String, which bring Chinese KungFu elements into string performance.
know more about them ,visit their offical

Kylie Minogue is a phenomenon of truly international proportions. To date she has released nine albums, six long-play videos, in addition to the Greatest Hits double album and video package, live album and video and 39 singles throughout the world, all of which have been hits.

Kylie has been the guest of Royalty in Britain and Europe, and the subject of several invitations for Royal Command Performances as well as the Lennon Memorial Concert in Liverpool in 1990. She has embarked on four sell-o...