Lead singer Candace K. delievers some hard punching hardcore-punk music

Guitar driven, classically influenced melodic metal.

Rock/Metal band from Phoenix, AZ lead by frontwoman L.A. Rush, who isn't just one of the hardest rockin singers to hit the scene, but also has a phenominal vocal range from soft and innocent, to sexy and in your face full on screaming that will blow your head off. Check the band out at

we are the damned was formed on the outskirts of lisboa, portugal, no one really knows who they are, or how many, last reported line up was sofia loureiro, paulo lafaia, ricardo correia and ruben vilas, they joined forces to built up the most ferocious and evil band in the world, this is a serious project and not some part-time bullshit, but in fact there is not much to say about this band, they got together in september 2007 and instantly got signed to portuguese leading label in extreme music ...

WENDYKURK Live @ Hendre Hall , Tal Y Bont,Bangor, North Wales 08.04.04

review by Niel crud

So the traffic left us void of Bechdan Jam & Valleum; we caught the latter's final thump of guitars & drums as we got out of the Crudmobile. But something was different; something unusual to our normal visits here; we heard a loud uplifting roar from within the thick stone walls of Hendre Hall. It was a crowd, not just any crowd, but a huge crowd, swelling & massing on the slate floor. At la...

Kick ass all girl hard rock/metal band called Wet Hot Cherry Pop. Hailing from Winnipeg, MB Canada. We have been together for over a year and are making a name for ourselves here in our home town, trust me I'm sure we'll see all of you soon enough!!!!! We have pics and songs recorded that we'd love to share with the whole world!!!!!


Madi - Rhythm/Lead guitar and vocals
Melissa - Bass guitar and vocals
Barb - Drums and vocals
Roxy - Lead/Rhythm guitar and vocals


"Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe"

The sleepy fjords of Sweden, land of saunas, Abba and Volvos.

Who could have guessed that among these tranquil pastures and majestic peaks would arise a new force.

A force so huge, so all-consuming, so terrible that it would come to be known as Whale.

Influenced by such artist as Babes In Toyland, to Marilyn Manson, a specific genre really can't be put this Massachusetts Band, maybe Riot Grrl, or Girl Rock, but with meaningful lyircs, catchy riffs and the combination of Eliza's & Cat's Incredible vocals, make Whoreable a band to definatly check out....

What do you get when 90’s legend, the inimitable Betty Boo enters the studio with Blur’s louche bassist Alex James and start working together for the first time?

The answer is WigWam! Late March 2006 sees the debut eponymous spiky pop dance single from the duo. The unlikely pair have been working in the studio for the last year on and off, mostly with producer Ben Hillier, and former Boo collaborators The Beatmasters - creating an album of experimental yet accessible 21st century pop.

Comprises of the husband-wife duo of Ken and Roberta Carter Harrison, once a chiming guitar-pop band, Wild Strawberries have mutated into an electronic-based, trip-hop-influenced outfit

Band Members: Sharon den Adel, Robert Westerholt, Ruud Jolie, Martijn Spierenburg, Stephen van Haestregt, Jeroen van Veen

Within Temptation have come a long way in the last ten years. From their humble beginnings, the Dutch band have now sold over 1.2 million CDs and DVDs world-wide, making them not only Holland’s biggest selling musical export but also one of the fastest growing new rock acts internationally.

Formed in 1996 around the nucleus of guitarist Robert Westerholt and vocalist Sharo...

Wolf Alice are a four-piece alternative rock band from North London, formed initially as a two-person band in 2010. Its members since 2012 are Ellie Rowsell (vocals, guitar), Joff Oddie (guitars, vocals), Theo Ellis (bass), and Joel Amey (drums, vocals).

They released their official debut single "Fluffy" in February 2013, and the single "Bros" followed in May of that year. In October 2013 they released their official debut EP Blush. Their second official EP Creature Songs wa...

Featuring the beautiful vocals of Heather Frances 'World Is Static' is a band that fits somewhere between alt, rock, metal & gothic. Hailing from County Durham in the north east of England & formed in 2005 by singer/songwriter Heather Frances & guitarist/songwriter Simon Chester. The duo were later joined by Sam Tuckett on bass & Chris Myers on drums. Taking their name from a song on the Static Prevails album by Jimmy Eat World the band play down tuned melodic tunes.