Bad Ass Riotgrrrl Rock.

4 member US band featuring: Lizzie E. (lead vocals/rhythm guitar); Alaina Pepito (bass guitar/background vocals); Stacey Bowers (keyboards/background vocals); Denise Saffren (drums). Released "What Is It?" on Xemu Records in 1997.

All-female hard rockin band with crunchy guitar, hard hitting bass, pounding drums and in-your-face vocals, set this band apart from the rest.

Formed in a possessed house late 1995 in Minneapolis, four highly volatile forces representing the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water joined together to create a dreadnought of angst and fury. Driven by massive
low-end, distorted guitar noise and rage encompassed vocals, clearly, this was not a force to be reckoned with. Baby Monoxide currently has a five song CD EP entitled "Lake Street Basement Tapes" available from our website.

Sludgy, heavy and all-around ...

Female vocals for a power thrash metal German band. their cd is "Intention"


BALLENTINE was born in Los Angeles, when fresh off the bus from Arkansas, singer/songwriter Heather Ballentine arrived. Bound and determined to pursue her dream, Heather immersed herself into the LA music scene, where she met four extremely talented artists like herself. "All five of us were awestruck at the chemistry between us," states Heather (lead vocals), "We knew that we were valuable and sought after as solo artists, but we felt if we combined our talents we would be unstoppable."

In jus...

Bananarama are an English girl group who had several hit pop and new wave songs in the 1980s. They have had ten singles in the top-ten of the UK singles chart to date, as well as three U.S. top-ten hits, one of which hit number one. Some of their biggest international hits include "Cruel Summer", "Venus", "Love in the First Degree" and "I Heard a Rumour". They are known for their unique vocal style which features all members singing the same notes in uniso...

"Compared to both B-52s and Hot Hot Heat, Bang! Bang! has a lot of energy to throw around and it barely wastes an ounce of it on this, its full-length debut. With the double vocal sass of Jack Flash and Gretta Fine, this Chicagoland trio moves from eerie, to sexy and never strays from anywhere thats exactly in between the two. Whereas its fashionable for some contemporary bands to try a little too hard to capture the satanic panic of the disco floor and the sleek sex of the limelight, Bang!...

Rocknroll from Olympia, WA.

You're used to hearing Gina Volpe rip it up as the guitarist for the Lunachicks. But if you think that knowing the Lunachicks' music will prepare you for Gina's new band, you're sorely mistaken. Straight from the bowels of New York City, BANTAM is heavy, moody, high energy, and unpredictable as hell. Gina has taken center stage as the singer/songwriter backed by a rhythm section that's tighter than a gnat's ass. Yeah, she's still blowin' out speakers with her gritty guitar expertise but equally ...

Courtney Love's new band. I think its gonna be ALL female. They'll kick ass. I think it'll be punkishly alternative rock if that made anysense

VICE SQUAD first found fame in the 80's fronted by Bristol teenager Beki Bond ( aka 'Bondage' ) she has continued to attract new fans worldwide with her awesome voice and FEROCIOUS brand of music.
The current line up have succesfully toured Europe and U.S ( sell-out shows in Hollywood ) and have new album DEFIANT just released which has been reviewed as the best VICE SQUAD album to-date.
Fusing classic punk rock anthems with great melodies and an almost rock / metal attack VICE SQUAD cannot be a...

All-girl band from NJ featuring punk, rock, and blues.

Icelandic rock band with Eliza M. Geirsdóttir on vocals.


Beth Orton blends organic and electronic sounds, mixing them to an often entrancing cohesion. Her sound can best be described as a mixture of guitar folk and vocals, with a heddy mix of backbeats from the ambient scene.

Meet Betty Blowtorch, four mean, foul-mouthed, power-tool-crazy rock-and-roll hussies who will fix your car and then hump you on top of it. <br>
<img src="">

I like dressing up. I like drinking wine. I enjoy loneliness. I like romance. I like being in control. I like being submissive. I like reading poetry aloud. I like absinth. I like parisian prostitutes from the early 1900s, true ladies. I like tattoos. I'd like Nick Cave to sing to me as I bled to death. I like making up stories. I like to lie, it makes life more interesting. I LOVE The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster. I kill people and sell the bodies. I'm in a band, but then who isnt?


Alternative rock under radioactive stars with a powerfull female singer: miss Lucia Rehab.

Watch out, Betty's Trash will piss on you too.<br>

<img src="">

Beverley Knight MBE (born March 22, 1973) is a critically-acclaimed English soul singer, songwriter, and record producer who released her debut album in 1995. Heavily influenced by soul greats such as Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin, Knight has released four studio albums and one compilation collection to date. Widely labelled as one of Britain's greatest soul singers, Knight is best known for her hit singles "Greatest Day", "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" and "Come As You Are&quo...

Beyon-D-Lusion was born from the meeting of Mehdi (guitars/keyboards, ex furia member) and Alexandra (vocals). After recording a 4 track EP, « First Step to the Source », in June 2004, the band released their first album « Intuispection » in November, 2005. The album is a mix of metal, rock and various electronic and oriental sounds.

Bif Naked is the name of the sexy lead singer of her very own band BIF NAKED. This tattooed and pierced up girl has a voice like no other. Able to soothe and seduce you through song, she can also turn arund and kick you in the face. The music is good ol' rock n' roll with a new twist. Highly recommended for those with a love for music.

I think grungish type of band Kurt Cobain actually dated one of them and i think it was her who gave him the name Smells like teen spirit

Billie Piper (Or Evans).

The lovely lass (Well she was pre Evans) who had several hit singles.

Has been compared with Joan Armatrading and Tracy Chapman. Has a pop style with great lyrics.

1980's metal band from Los Angeles featuring Betsy Weiss (aka Betsy Bitch) on vocals. The band created a large local following with their S&M stage show. Bitch released several albums through the 1980's on Metal Blade Records, most have been re-issued on CD format.

really cool riot grrrl band...
featuring 2 girls and a guy.
more info:

All girl down and dirty punk-rockin-metal from NYC.

Bjork web page Http//

Shaela :::::: VOXX
Eve ::::::::: BASS&VOXX
Zoffia :::::: GUITAR
Marianoise :: DRUMS

Basically, our music is a natural and spur-of -the moment mix of all of our musical influences with each one’s personal touch.
People have compared us from Kittie and Distillers, to The Donnas, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Peaches, which is, in fact, quite contradictory!
That’s why we rather not fit in any genre and experiment...set free our creativity and see where the hell it gets us to.
Let the “outsiders” put the...

Lead guitarist Blare N. Bitch who rocked your world in BETTY BLOWTORCH -- has something she wants you to hear and since her name IS her style -- you can bet she is going to ROCK you and she's going to ROCK YOU LOUD! Blare recruited lead guitarist Punky, the illegitimate love child of Joe Perry & Keith Richards, to help turn up the volume, Chase Manhattan dominates the skins after coming off the road of DEE DEE RAMONE'S last two years of world touring. He adds the passion that fills an arena ...

Their sound is somewhat No Wave-influenced in its dissonant, wall-of-guitar atonality and alternate tunings, swirling, sharp-edged guitars, insistent upper-register keyboards, and tempestuous drumming and nothing -- absolutely nothing -- can prepare you for their fractured, spectral harmonies....


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Factbox (?)
Formed in
Founded in
Band Members
Steven Ansell (2005 - )
Laura-Mary Carter (2005 - )
Consisting of Steven Ansell (vocals and drums) and Laura-Mary Carter (vocals and guitar), they formed in Brighton, 2005 after their previous bands (Cat on Form and Lady Muck respectively) had broke...

Leeds based all girl melodic metal band Blood Sundae.

3 ladies from Canberra, AUS who know how to thrash.

BlueInTheFace. Band from Finlands rock-capital Helsinki. Put together acts like Social Distortion (and Mike Ness), Chris Isaak and Johnny Cash and mix it with our straight and simple punkpoprock-attitude. Beware.

Bombing Angels are kind of Punk, but don't have enough tattoos/coloured mohawks. Kind of Rock, but smile too much. Kind of Pop, but are not pretty enough. Kind of Grunge, but shower at least once a week.'ll probably be best if you go show or check out thier tunes then you can make up your own mind.

The cast :
Girl (singer): Cristina Martinez
Boy (guitar player, singer): Jon Spencer
Other boy (bass player): Jens Jergensen
Other girl (drummer): Hollis Queens
New boy (keyboard player): Mark Boyce

Once upon a time in a small quaint town called District Of Columbia a young disillusioned rebel girl met a young disillusioned rebel boy. Classic; he was new in town - she had been around town, twice. They hit, they fell, they decided to leave together. Find some action. Only one city in the world b...

A late-70's Boston 6-woman punk band; released a 12-inch single on Modern Method Records in 1980 featuring "Roach Motel"
Barbara Britto: lead vocals
Trudy Koby: bass and vocals
Marcia Maglione: keyboards and vocals
Deni Ozan: drums
Wendy Stone: guitar
Martha Swetzoff: guitah and vocals

BRACODE are a four piece punk grrl band from Wollongong Australia. With lots of great songs, a fuck you attitude, and lyrics that are personal and political in the extreme, they frequently blow audiences away with their special brand of punk heavy rock. They could be described as "Kate Bush meets Black Flag, with shades of Babes In Toyland."

RebekaH: Vocals
Bec: Guitar
Erica: Drums
Jacqui: Bass

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Factbox (?)
Brandi Carlile (b. June 1, 1981, in Ravensdale, Washington) is an American singer and songwriter. Carlile’s music has been categorized in several genres, including pop, rock, alternative country, and folk.

Columbia Records signed Carlile in late 2004 on the strength of songs she’d been recording periodi...

Erin Smith- Guitar
Allison Wolfe- Vocals
Molly Neuman- Drums

In the influential and cachet-laden world of early nineties Riot Grrrl bands, no one was more fun than the B-mob of Erin, Allison and Molly. Bratmobile made raw, political, sexy, poppy, personal, witty, pretty music from 1991 until they disbanded in 1994. Since reforming in 1998, they have retained all those attributes and added to them maturity, wisdom and musical mastery. Bratmobile was and is one the most important and...

An italian totally female psycho metal band!!!!!!!

Original 3-piece from Sydney, Australia, Bubble Vicious combine the rawness of grunge/punk with trashy-pop overtones, and melodies that range from the deceptively sweet to outright, well, vicious!

Budor Star Dmy (The Old Gentlewomans Boudoir), Brno, Czech Republic, representing a home-made alternative rock band was ground during holiday in 1999. The average age of three girls (Marta - guitar/vocal, Dasha - bass and Eva - violin/vocal) and of two boys (Stepan - drums/microphone and Ondra - guitar/microphone) did not exceed 16 in that time.
Imaginative prime arrangements and easy grasp of simple melody have outgrown the group fr...


Amy, Martin and Will have played in Bands together in various forms for some 3 years or so now and have been gigging around the Croydon area for some time. One fateful evening during an open mic' night in O'Neils in Sutton Amy was spotted by Jackie Eden of Townhouse/Sanctuary Studio's in Shephards Bush, famously known as the Studio owned by Iron Maidens Management company and recording home to bands such as Muse, Coldplay and Placebo to name but a few. Amy was introduced to Hank Hughes of N7 pro...

Bugfly are an energetic girl/boy combo, indie guitar band from London with killer melodies, recently handpicked by Steve Lamacq as best new band on BBC Radio 1 Unsigned.
(Genre: pop/punk rock chaos)

All-female punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. Kind of like an old-school, yet catchy, punk sound.

By Blood Alone is a five piece Dark Alternative band with a female lead vocalist. Their sound combines haunting and powerful vocals and keys with crunching guitar riffs. Cruella (vocals) uses humor and emotion to drive into the hearts of the listener.

Some say that true art is born out of pain; that it is the prodigious love child of those that have dealt with heartache and lived to tell about it. People who know how it feels to be alone, to be afraid, to be blue. If the music on her stunning debut album, So Blu, is any indication, soul singer/songwriter Blu Cantrell has clearly mastered the art of forging pain into pleasure, turning something that hurts so bad into something that feels (and sounds) so good.

On the head-nodding drive of Blu...

Belinda Jo Kerzcheski was born August 17, 1958, in Hollywood, California, to parents Walt and Joanne. Part of a family of 3 brothers (Butch, Joe and Josh) and 3 sisters (Hope, Mary and Sarah), Belinda was raised in a strict home (which may explain her rebellious behavior later on) by her mother and her stepfather, after her biological father took off.

A tomboy and a pretty good student, Belinda was part of the track and field team in her high school days. Her feminine side was displayed while ...

Billie Paul Piper was born in Swindon, UK, on the 22nd of September 1982. Growing up with her brother Charlie and sisters Harley and Ellie, Billie knew early on that she wanted to be a performer.

An ambitious Billie enrolled in the Sixth Sense theatre company in 1990, which gave her acting experience in several television commercials and an episode of The EastEnders. After a year of studies at Secondary School in her hometown, she was accepted into the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. De...

She started her pop life with the massive track 'Baby One More Time' which single handedly managed to make most men go weak at the knees as she was in a rather fetching School Uniform.

Her following tracks have all been hits and there are many more on the way.

To use a "Waynes World" quote.. Schwing!!