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Erin Smith- Guitar
Allison Wolfe- Vocals
Molly Neuman- Drums

In the influential and cachet-laden world of early nineties Riot Grrrl bands, no one was more fun than the B-mob of Erin, Allison and Molly. Bratmobile made raw, political, sexy, poppy, personal, witty, pretty music from 1991 until they disbanded in 1994. Since reforming in 1998, they have retained all those attributes and added to them maturity, wisdom and musical mastery. Bratmobile was and is one the most important and exciting underground female punk bands, and music fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Bmob 2000.

Molly and Allison met at college in the Pacific Northwest and created an influential feminist fanzine called Girl Germs together. Erin was back in Maryland, writing and editing the infamous pop culture fanzine Teenage Gang Debs. They met, started playing music on school breaks, and were an immediate sensation. With Allison on vocals, the unexpected was de rigeur. She would talk about personal and political themes, involve the audience in new ways, dance like a cheerleader or burlesque performer, and always keep Bratmobile fans coming back for her rich, throaty vocals as well as her charismatic banter. Erin's guitar playing has always had a unique and haunting feeling that nods its head to her favorite eighties bands while also retaining a singular, distinct sound and style. With Molly on drums kicking out catchy, tight rhythms. During the "Riot Girl Summer" of 1991 Bratmobile along with Bikini Kill and Heavens To Betsy became something of overnight media sensations with everyone in the mainstream press trying to figure out what these girls were so angry about. At the same time kids across the country were electrified with their primitive yet rocking sound.

Bratmobile toured the US with Heavens To Betsy, played tons of shows with Bikini Kill, Nation Of Ulysses, Beat Happening, Huggy Bear and Heavenly. In 1994 the pressures of living in three separate cities, being young, and being emotional finally took its toll and the group split up in a lively onstage encounter at NYC's Threadwaxing space. Many luminaries where in the audience including Kim and Thurston, Jon and Christina, and Joan Jett. It was tragic and ridiculous, and although the hiatus seemed permanent at the time, the friendships were salvaged quickly and all moved on.

In the 5 years that Bratmobile was inactive, Erin and Allison formed Cold Cold Hearts, which released one album. Allison also released an album with her other band, Deep Lust. Molly pursued her band The PeeChees, and continued to record with her project The Frumpies. In late 1998, the three former band mates decided it was time to try playing together again and see how it felt. Their informal first show, in February of 1999 at Oakland CA's Stork Club, was a fast, fun free for all and the 3 women decided it was time for Bratmobile to rise again.

Since signing to Berkeley's Lookout! Records in April 2000, Bratmobile has toured the East with The Make Up, the West with Sleater Kinney, Europe with The Donnas, and recorded a new album, Ladies, Women and Girls, due out in October 2000 It was produced by Tim Green (who also produced Pottymouth), Jon Nikki (of the hot underground sensations The Primadonnas and Gene Defcon) and the band. More fun and furious, this electrifying band has plenty to say and more musical and personal experience than ever to draw from.


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