From Argentina. Julietta Moson (voice & guitar),Marcos Moronell(drum) and Hernan (bass)
A power trio!!

Uffie (Anna-Catherine Hartley) was born in Miami, raised in Hong Kong and now lives in Paris.

After getting a limited promo release on Arcade Mode in January 2006, she was signed to Ed Banger Records and released Pop The Glock and Ready To Uff. Later that year two more tracks were available online: Hot Chick and In Charge.

In March 2007 Dismissed, was released on the Ed Rec Sampler Volume 2, and Uffie collaborated with label mates Justice on Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (from Justice’s album †). Two sing...

See 'Die so Fluid'

A Southern California-based band with a wholesome gal on vocals...

Banshee screams, melodic, hypnotic, succubi-envoking,
and ear canal slashing vibrations. No, this isn't another
Kittie. This is a perverse mythical-musical monster with the
intention of taking over the world.

Solo project of Erica Dunham (sing, programming, keybords etc...)