Rachael Yamagata (born September 23, 1977) is a singer-songwriter. She plays piano and has a dark, smokey alto, garnering frequent comparisons to Fiona Apple. Her first full-length album, Happenstance, was released on June 8, 2004.

Yamagata became the vocalist for the Chicago funk-fusion band Bumpus, spending six years with them while writing and recording three albums and touring the country.

RACINE. Danceable art punk rhythm and blues, full of breathless New Wave rush. Razor sharp lyrics. Bare soul with beautiful harmony. An adrenaline fuelled sound reminiscent of a young Bobby D or even the Velvets. The perfect cocktail of dirty blues and punk attitude. Sweet soul, arousing the lowdown groove that sparks the impressive and sensual sensation of Racine. Riffing garage pop/rock sliding. Seductive New Wave serenading. Quality boom and bap. Essential underground for your ears. Racine is...

Rackula is a four piece all female punk rocknroll band thrown up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The ladies kicked around in a few other bands, Pantychrist, BDSM Bakesale, The they’re kicking back. all ROCK no COCK !!



Melora Creager- Cello & Vocals
Julia Kent- Cello
Angnieska Rybska- Cello
Chris Vrenna- Drums & Programming

Previous Members:
Carpella Parvo- Cello (circa 1996)
Norman Block- Drums (circa 1996)

Combining classic cello music with a Gothic/ Industrial flare, The Ladies Cello Society create an eclectic and irresistable sound. Produced with the aid of industrial genius and NIN drummer Chris Vrenna, Rasputina's last record, "How We Quit the Forest" has a hard-hitting edge. Their ...

Raven Lenore is a dark bluesy, jazz to come out of Louisiana. It's lead is a red head with an angelic and unique voice and a talent for the piano. She writes all the music. No website yet...will inform of the address when the site is up.

Severely underated LA garage punk'n'roll band

they were a punk band with punk anthems and dark death punk songs like "don't go in the basement" and "redrum". one of the best female fronted bands, singer bobby brat died

A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, Regina Spektor has been around for quite some time now. Her newest album is Begin to Hope.

As Brit-pop remained popular in England during the mid-'90s, Republica hit the charts with a sound closer in feel to '80s indie-dance groups such as the Pet Shop Boys and New Order. Vocalist Saffron was born in Nigeria, and began singing with club-staples N-Joi and the Shamen, as well as Jah Wobble. By 1995, she had met keyboard players Tim Dorney (previously with Flowered Up) and Andy Todd (who has produced Barbra Streisand and Bjork, among others). They began writing songs, and after recruitin...

4 piece all female band from London, UK


Robin Miriam Carlsson is a popular singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. In 2007 she got her first number 1 single in the UK charts with the song "With Every Heartbeat."

the name says it all... drug, sex and rock'n'roll!!!

Exceptional 1980's metal trio founded by British sisters Jody & Julie Turner. Their 3 albums have been re-issued on CD format. Great music to re-live heavy metal's heyday!

Female Rock and Roll, Surf , Hotrod, Rockabilly Guitarist

Performer since age four. Writer since age seven. CEO of Record Label & Publicity Firm at 15.

Rose Cora Perry is the former frontwoman of major label signed act Anti-Hero and has performed at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals including: Canadian Music Week, NorthbyNortheast, Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Regatta, Warped Tour, and MEANYFest NYC.

Bringing audiences of over 500,000 to tears with her emotional sound and sincere performances, Perry has been crowned a well-respecte...

Katie Jane Garside's new project