Echobelly are a British/Swedish alternative rock band. The literal meaning of the band's name is 'hungry for change'. They were brought to prominence after much praise by singer Morrissey who asked them to be the opening act on his tour. Singer Sonya's vocal style has also been compared to Morrissey's. They briefly peaked during the Britpop craze of the mid-1990s.

The original lineup consisted of:

* Sonya Aurora Madan (vocals)
* Glenn Johansson (guitar)
* Debbie Smith (guitar)


An all girl band from Oak Lawn/Alsip, Illinois.

Ego Likeness was created by artist Steven Archer and writer Donna Lynch in Baltimore in 1999. Their music has ranged from raw, darkly experimental trip-hop (Songs From a Dead City, 1999) to moody and melodic electronica (Dragonfly, 2000/2005 DFD) to a fusion of industrial rock and darkwave (Water to the Dead, 2004 DFD & The Order of the Reptile, 2006 Dancing Ferret Discs). Coming from art-based backgrounds, Archer and Lynch incorporate their various non-musical projects into the albums, buil...

I wonderful band from Tyler,Texas. They have toured with Coldplay!

Elastica were a Britpop band who were popular in the 1990s, formed by Justine Frischmann after leaving Suede in 1991. Frischmann recruited the rest of the band members: Justin Welch (formerly of garage rock band Spitfire - drums), Annie Holland (bass) and Donna Matthews (guitar).

Their first single was 1993's "Stutter", which was a word-of-mouth hit largely due to the promotional efforts of Radio 1 DJ and Deceptive Records label boss Steve Lamacq. In spite of a period of relative quie...

Electrobelle are Charlotte Sanderson (Vocals) and Barry Mallon (Synths)

We're currently working on a four track EP which will eventually evolve into our first album. We hope to get the EP released by March 2008 and plan to play some live gigs very soon!! Until then we hope you enjoy listening to Mirrorball and Ghosts which will both feature on the EP.

Elfona is an experimental music project from ex-Hydra members Marcela Bovio and Alejandro Milln. It's influences come mainly from ambien, goth, doom and progressive rock.

Visit for more information, samples, pictures...

Ella Blame's music sounds like a 21st-century version of Pink Floyd fronted by a 21st-century mixture of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Björk.

Ella Blame comes from a family of musicians and was already singing by the age of 3. Everyday during her childhood, she heard music almost around the clock - symphonic, operatic, chamber and twelve-tone music, jazz of all styles, R&B, soul, funk, rock and pop.

Ella has an extremely wide vocal range, i.e., her voice covers the entire baritone, tenor ...

Name: Emma Lee Bunton

Born: 21/01/1976

Nickname: Baby Spice

Her Favourite Hair Extensions: Pink tips in Istanbul.

Assumed Identities: Kung Fu Candy, Sandy, Twiggy, a Charlie's Angel,

Spice Force Five Martial Arts Expert, and Scary Spice.

Distinguishing Features: Has hair in pig tails, she has a silly, cute grin

almost constantly, & without make-up she looks like a pig-dog (her words!).


Best Clothes: "2 Become 1" and "Say You'll Be There".

Worst for...

"I'm 24. I have been singing all my life, and writing songs since I was 13. I have fronted various bands, in which I also played guitar, but after finding myself playing it less and less, I grew comfortable in the knowledge that singing is my forte, and my main passion. Here are just a few examples of the extensive amount of my music-related work over the years, including a solo home recording - (Catscratch Backlash, in which I play everything - bass, guitar, and sing... My wonderful boyfri...

The Entropia at the beginning of 2006, presenting a different idea. The songs bring melodies marked, making a trip through different styles and trends, providing listeners with a single vibration qualities they seek to give the sound a specific identity.

2007 was a great year for banda, which is gaining ever more space in the music scene. In addition to participating in numerous festivals in July, the song "Sem Medo de Cair" was chosen in the contest DEMO HITS of course to turn a...

Eva Cassidy was born 2 February 1963. Growing up in a musical family on the outskirts of Washington, DC, she sang as a small child and later learned to play the guitar. Even then as a child she had an amazing gift for perfect harmony, and on family outings, she would sing, harmonising perfectly with the music from the car radio. Her father, a teacher of children with learning disabilities and a part-time musician, formed a family band with Eva, her brother Danny, on violin, and himself on bass. ...

evanescence (ev'e-nes'ens ): a dissipation or disappearance like vapor
Although the band's name may suggest a sudden vanishing, the music of Evanescence is poised for longevity. Fallen, the Wind-up Records debut of this talented quartet from Little Rock, Arkansas, is an emotional, ethereal work of undeniable potency guided by the heavenly vocals of Amy Lee. "We're definitely a rock band," says the 20-year-old Lee. "But the twist is that the band's music is epic, dramatic, dark rock."



Eve Jihan Jeffers was born in 1979, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her childhood was not an easy one; her teenage parents were separated when she was 12, and her mother and grandmother raised her. When Eve was 14, she welcomed a new stepbrother to the family after her mother's remarriage.

Although surrounded by trouble among her peers, Eve was always one to use her creativity positively. Even in the third grade, she was writing poetry and short stories as a student, and earning merit awards fo...

We're an indepentent swedish band called e v e n and we play adorably
cute feminist rock. Our intention is to abolish the male gender as a
rule in rock and open up the musical scene to everybody interested,
whether they have a penis or not.

Check out even's website

Don't get mad get even...

Two person band from England, with Tracy Thorn on lead vocals and her partner Ben Watt on guitar and keyboards.

After Mia Zappata was murdered, the remaining members of the Gits got together with Joan Jett to make an album with the proceeds going towards the cause of finding her killer. Most of the songs are covers, but some are new. Evil Stig is "Gits Live" backwards.


EXIT -- four young women who love U2! The passion runs so deeply that they decided to form their own tribute band in late 2000. Since then they have been mentioned in Playboy magazine, interviewed by KROQ and VH1, and featured on the front page of U2's official website, -- an honor no other tribute band has received. Ashdown Engineering, the same company that endorses Adam Clayton of U2, also endorses EXIT's bassist. EXIT's guitarist even played with U2 live on-stage at Staples Center...

Band from Leeds, UK...

Current Line up

Anneka Latta - Vocals, Keyboards
Tom Fay - Guitars
David Parry - Bass
Steve Riley - Drums

Eyelash is basically me since I can't picture calling myself "Pascale Jean-Louis and the Prozac Nation band," although it has a nifty ring to it. I have two accomplices: Drummer Chris De Rosa, who is an alumni of Berklee College of Music (well lah-dee-dah) and has lent his skills to the likes of Deborah Harry, Camper Van Beetoven, the Spin Doctors and Dee Dee Ramone.


They tore it up with hopped-up girly pop, tight as a drum - and lead singer Laura's traps were very tight indeed. Guitarist Gel played a hard and fast solo behind her neck on one of many two-minute pop-punk gems. I felt a goofy grin creeping up onto my face as they played the Go-Go's-esque "Six Years" and their soda fountain ode "Big Scoop"; these gals were good. When they closed with the clamorous high-distortion high-speed rebuke "Broke My Heart," I had to weave my way over to the merch stand ...