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EXIT -- four young women who love U2! The passion runs so deeply that they decided to form their own tribute band in late 2000. Since then they have been mentioned in Playboy magazine, interviewed by KROQ and VH1, and featured on the front page of U2's official website, U2.com -- an honor no other tribute band has received. Ashdown Engineering, the same company that endorses Adam Clayton of U2, also endorses EXIT's bassist. EXIT's guitarist even played with U2 live on-stage at Staples Center during the Elevation Tour.

More than just a cover band, EXIT write and perform original music along with U2 covers. Unquestionably alive, EXIT's music echoes with inspiration from great bands such as U2, The Beatles and The Police while remaining transfixed on their own soul. Inspiration is the goal rather than imitation, even while performing covers.

Performances crackle with the raw, emotive energy of early U2 and the style of history's greatest rockers. Electricity fills the air as audiences press up against the stage, drawn by the uncanny presence and exhilarating energy that are the hallmark of U2. It's a celebration not a show! It feels like U2 twenty years ago in the back room of a Dublin bar, only it's four young women from Los Angeles in 2003. Audiences are amazed by the passion and intensity; frankly, they just say it "kicks ass!"

EXIT have brought these soul-charged shows to such venerable L.A. rock institutions as The Whisky A Go-Go, The Viper Room, the Majestic Ventura Theatre, the Knitting Factory, The Sunset Station Amphitheatre in Las Vegas and Southern California's Hard Rock Cafs. They were proud to support the Irish community by playing The 27th Annual Great American Irish Fair in Los Angeles, and they recently returned from playing to several thousand at the KOMP 92.3 FM listener appreciation concert at the Sunset Amphitheater in Las Vegas.

EXIT's musical journey began in 1997 when guitarist "Captive" (Courtney Lavender, now 21) met bassist "Affa" (Susan Hamilton, now 23) to form I You Was, a high school band born out of their mutual admiration for The Beatles. Captive and Affa quickly became close friends and remained so after the dissolution of the small acoustic group. Being an ardent U2 fan, Affa succeeded in passing her passion onto Captive, who then passed it along to another high school mate and aspiring drummer, "Dim" (Pam Bluestein, now 21). After honing their skills on the music they loved, the trio decided to look for a singer by posting an ad on the U2 Wire online mailing list. They quickly found Nikki Poynter (now 22) - the first and only person to be auditioned. Nikki's look, charm and high-octane vocals made her the clear choice. The chemistry among them was obvious; making music together was where they were all supposed to be.

As the world?s only all-girl tribute to U2, EXIT have become quite an international sensation. With their acclaim has come a large and loyal following in their hometown of Los Angeles and cities around the globe. Fans write from every country with a U2 album. Some have even traveled from out-of-state to see them perform. The buzz is heard worldwide, and the audience expands with every show.

In a time when there is a virtual drought of all-girl rock bands, EXIT sheds a light of hope with music full of spirit and soul. Performances leave the most jaded entertained and the die-hard clamoring for more. The novelty of the all-female act draws them in, the talent and energy keep them coming. With their original songs, EXIT hope to continue to make music that will affect people as much as U2's music affects them.

Please take the time to peruse this website. I hope you allow EXIT the opportunity of entertaining you as they have thousands of satisfied people in Los Angeles and around the globe!



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