Three chicks and two dudes from California. Cery cool, glamorous and should be big quite soon.

we are a rock band from Long beach. We all have side projects at the moment so stay tuned..

Hands Off Gretel are a 3 piece Alternative Rock/ New Wave Grunge band from South Yorkshire, UK. Launched February 2015 by Singer/Songwriter Lauren Tate and guitarist Seán Bon. Hands Off Gretel have since been described as "One of the most exciting new bands" in the 'Bands To Watch' feature in the US's Alternative Press Magazine. Back in September 2016 the band launched their first 13 track studio album 'Burn The Beauty Queen' after running a very successful cro...

Harlow are an all girl band, fronted by Amanda Roots (of Fluffy), Chimene (of The Penny Dreadfuls), Rebecca Gibb and Rayshele Teige.

Formed in 1999 (as P.U.S.H and then as Ansias) they have recorded 'Serial Killer Hangover' with the help of Pat Smear (Germs, Nirvana, Foo Fighters)

Harry is Harry, a leather-clad free spirit from Reading, who shares her birthday (10/5/81) with Bono, Sid Vicious and Fred Astaire, Guitarist Rob Holliday, Bassist and keyboard player Eden plus drummer Oly Grasset.

A Madonna and Duran Duran-worshipping pop kid, Harry had her eyes opened to the world of loud guitars and visceral rock by Nirvana's classic 'Nevermind' album. "When I first heard Nirvana I thought 'Wow this rocks!'" Harry grins, her eyes ablaze with the memory. "I love pop songs bu...

If you enjoy listening to motorcycle pop featuring saccharine vocals, droning guitars, warm organ sounds and tambourines, Havana Guns from London are the right band for you.

"Heather is grace. It can't fade, I'll always feel to it...the way it heals. Emotions cutting through you like nothing can. When taken live, I compare Heather's voice and music to a drug putting you in an altered state of mind. Not to forget...Nadia Lanman's cello adds to the spiritual experience ...the way it bleeds, heartrending vibe"


Dignity isn't for sale. It comes from within. Hilary Duff has always carried herself with dignity, from her 2001 TV debut starring in "Lizzie McGuire," through big screen hits like "Cinderella Story" and "Cheaper by the Dozen," to her career as a multi-platinum recording artist, with more than 13 million albums sold to date. Now Hilary brings her customary class and splash to her new Hollywood Records CD "Dignity."

At 19, Hilary has matured into a sophist...

USA band HOLE, led by Courtney Love.

Holly Mcnarland is one of those rare female vocalists whose voice isn't breathy or cute but pakcs a wallop that can literally affect your body

German trash metal band with Sabina Classen on rough vocals.

Horregias, the most beautiful ugly girls from Santiago, Chile.

Horridia: guitar
Feocia: bass & vocals
Nefasta: drums

Horregias is an all female punk rock band formed in sept 2008.

An all mom female rock band from the USA - who are all aged somewhere around 40. Their drummer Tammy only learned to play at the age of 37 - proving to us all that it's never too late to start rocking.

HUMA ROJO appears in the Miami scene where they unite their styles and unique sound in the streets and venues. They have spent the past year polishing their act, trying out different musicians, and building a local following. Their sound is original and melodic, mixing Spanish Rock with a Splash of English lyrics. Originality is combined with their different nationalities, HUMA ROJO is a blend of Mexico, Venezuela, styles, and refined tastes.
Lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Damaris Vick...

Happy accidents aren’t called as much for no reason. Often from the most unlikely of sources comes something special.

So it was one night in mid 2005 when producer Pike found himself at a party in a Turkish restaurant watching an impromptu two song set by Maple Bee. Pike didn’t know anything about Maple apart from he had to work with her. Bending the truth completely he approached Maple and asked if she could sing on some tracks he had written. Pike didn’t have any songs or even a full set up f...

Hydra is a band from Monterrey, NL, Mxico that began to define its style around 1998. The band's music is the result of merging the different influences of its members, that are mainly progressive rock, heavy and doom metal, amongst others.

The starlet of Neighbours in the USA makes a cross to the world of music.

Her debut single called "Kiss Kiss" which features a rather nice video (For all those red blooded males out there!) And as for the track, once its in your head... it'll never leave... and its not too bad either!