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Dignity isn't for sale. It comes from within. Hilary Duff has always carried herself with dignity, from her 2001 TV debut starring in "Lizzie McGuire," through big screen hits like "Cinderella Story" and "Cheaper by the Dozen," to her career as a multi-platinum recording artist, with more than 13 million albums sold to date. Now Hilary brings her customary class and splash to her new Hollywood Records CD "Dignity."

At 19, Hilary has matured into a sophisticated singer and songwriter. Hilaryhas co-written all the songs on “Dignity”, always aiming high and ultimately creating an album of depth and consequence. In the title track, she talks about her experiences and observations of living in Los Angeles ("Where's your dignity/I think you lost it in the Hollywood Hills"). "Danger" explores the suspect advances of an older man, while "With Love" turns the world's most common song topic upside down. ("I can take your honesty/All your words weigh heavily/I'm listening to you all the time"). The song “Stranger” reveals a relationship that is picture perfect in public, but cold behind closed doors. With every track, Hilaryprobes life and love more intensely, and with more vulnerability than she has before.

Hilary’s ..1 solo debut CD "Metamorphosis sold 4 times platinum, followed by her self –titled album and “Most Wanted” both of which sold 3 million records. Hilary enjoyed Top 40 hits like "So Yesterday," "Come Clean," “Fly,” and “Wake Up.” Hilary’s “Most Wanted” CD was her second .. 1 debut and it remained .. 1 for 2 weeks. With “Most Wanted” Hilary began to experiment more with her style and music as seen in her videos for “Wake Up” where she donned wigs and different looks and for “Beat of My Heart” in which she exclusively wore high end haute couture and began favoring more dance and rhythmic beats.

Hilary has some exciting movie projects on deck in this year but her music – and the upcoming tour – remain front and center these days. And that's just how she wants it. Hilary Duff always connected closely with her audience. Now, she's saying more -- much more than ever, and with dignity -- with her music.

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