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Name: Emma Lee Bunton

Born: 21/01/1976

Nickname: Baby Spice

Her Favourite Hair Extensions: Pink tips in Istanbul.

Assumed Identities: Kung Fu Candy, Sandy, Twiggy, a Charlie's Angel,

Spice Force Five Martial Arts Expert, and Scary Spice.

Distinguishing Features: Has hair in pig tails, she has a silly, cute grin

almost constantly, & without make-up she looks like a pig-dog (her words!).


Best Clothes: "2 Become 1" and "Say You'll Be There".

Worst for Clothes: "Wannabe".

Best Display of her cute look: "Say You'll Be There".

Worst Look: "Who Do You Think You Are?" - Comic Relief (THAT hair!).

Best for Dancing: "Say You'll Be There".

Most Nose Scrunching: "2 Become 1".


Best for Displaying Singing Talent: "2 Become 1", "Step to Me", "Viva

Forever", "Naked", "Saturday Night Divas", and "Outer Space Girls".

Worst for Displaying Singing Talent: Erm...

Best Lyrics: "I think I should be over there eating my sweets and things"

(from Spice Invaders), "Let me tell you 'bout a thing, gotta put it to the test,

it's a celebration, motivation, generation next" (Move Over), "Polka the

Salsa" (Spice Up Your Life), "You're a twisted lover, kiss and telling on a

superstar" (Saturday Night Divas), & "Are you too spicy?" (Spice Invaders).

Worst Lyrics: Erm...


Best Lines: "And don't forget my Magnum", "... they're going right up my

bum", "Cuddle!"

Best Scene: Evil gun-toting murderer Emma Bunton gets off with cute

smile, and appearing as martial arts expert of the Spice Force Five.

Best Outfit: Little Girl Power T-Shirt worn for rehearsals, school uniform

worn at Brian's Café Rendezvous, and her blue dress worn when Clifford

"started the breakup of the Spice Girls".

Worst Outfit: Her boat scene reddish dress, and the shiny dress worn for

the movie posters which she also wears in the credits.


Concert Outfits: 1) Short dark blue, sparkly dress and high black boots;

2) Short gold dress; 3) Shorv light blue, shiny dress; 4) Silver "astronaut"

suit; and 5) Short canary yellow dress.

Best Clothes: Silver "astronaut" suit.

Worst Clothes: Canary yellow dress.

Best Singing: "Naked", "Something Kinda Funny", and "Step To Me".

Worst Singing: "Say You'll Be There" and "Love Thing" are a bit soft.

Action Scenes: Performance during "Move Over" (being humped by Mel B).

Best Display of her Cute Look: In "Move Over", sucking her finger!

Best for Dancing: "Say You'll Be There" and "2 Become 1".

Best Dance Move: Lots of wiggling... that's about it!


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