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Ella Blame's music sounds like a 21st-century version of Pink Floyd fronted by a 21st-century mixture of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Björk.

Ella Blame comes from a family of musicians and was already singing by the age of 3. Everyday during her childhood, she heard music almost around the clock - symphonic, operatic, chamber and twelve-tone music, jazz of all styles, R&B, soul, funk, rock and pop.

Ella has an extremely wide vocal range, i.e., her voice covers the entire baritone, tenor and alto ranges, and extends beyond the upper limit of the soprano range.

Many professional music critics have acclaimed Ella unparalleled voice quality and singing capabilities, and especially the emotional depth and warmth of her voice. With her vocal cords, she can produce sounds that most music experts consider having been generated by a synthesizer or by post-processing equipment. However, Ella can produce these "strange" sounds without using a microphone.

Ella is collaborating with several electronic musicians and multi-instrumentalists from around the world (USA, Canada, Japan, India, and Germany), especially Michael D. Temple and Shinji Imai a.k.a. “mode complex”. Together, they create partially revolutionary music of genres Ethereal/Ambient, Symphonic Outer Space Music, and Psychedelic Pop.

Debut CD "Ineffable Desire"


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