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You're used to hearing Gina Volpe rip it up as the guitarist for the Lunachicks. But if you think that knowing the Lunachicks' music will prepare you for Gina's new band, you're sorely mistaken. Straight from the bowels of New York City, BANTAM is heavy, moody, high energy, and unpredictable as hell. Gina has taken center stage as the singer/songwriter backed by a rhythm section that's tighter than a gnat's ass. Yeah, she's still blowin' out speakers with her gritty guitar expertise but equally dazzling are her singing abilities. Perfectly built with adrenaline and angst, her vocals are alternately sinister and sexy.

Bantam was born at Squeezebox's (NYC's favorite Friday night party) house band rehearsals. In between learning cover songs, Gina and drummer Pete would steal jam time. When the Lunachicks decided to take a hiatus, Gina and Pete seized the moment and grabbed bassist George Porfiris of The Heroine Sheiks. The fledgling trio quickly went into the studio and recorded a demo which later on became incorporated into Bantam's debut record.

Bass player George's departure in Oct. 2001, due to the demanding touring schedule of the 'Sheiks made way for Doug-O, the new kid from uptown. Doug adds driving bottom and backing vox with harmony that'll make you shiver.

After a couple of months of writing and playing out the newly configured threesome went back into the studio with producer Ray Martin to make a full length record in March of 2002.

Bantam's highly anticipated self titled debut CD comes fully equipped with 11 tracks that'll make yer upper lip sweat and throw yer back out. Released on their own label, Heavy Nose Records, Bantam does it melodic and LOUD. Recorded at studio Theater 99, one NY's oldest silent theaters, the production on this CD stands up to the sonic temperaments of Bantam's unmistakable sound.

Alongside the album, Bantam has been busy promoting their new video for the crowd favorite "Waiting For Rescue." Keep your eyes open because Bantam is on their way to your town and ready to pack a hell of a punch.


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