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Budor Star Dmy (The Old Gentlewomans Boudoir), Brno, Czech Republic, budoar.freemusic.cz representing a home-made alternative rock band was ground during holiday in 1999. The average age of three girls (Marta - guitar/vocal, Dasha - bass and Eva - violin/vocal) and of two boys (Stepan - drums/microphone and Ondra - guitar/microphone) did not exceed 16 in that time.
Imaginative prime arrangements and easy grasp of simple melody have outgrown the group from homely diction. B.S.D. favours the secret beauty in melody and prefers rampancy to heartsease.
The individual members have busied themselves with a variety of private activities, e.g. Marta has immersed herself in computer animation, Eva has became an emphatic singer, Dasha, Stepan and Ondra have put one's mind to their study.
The first self-made album offers surprises, such as unexpected breaks and scream interspersed among the clever melodic parts. A lot of songs is about rebelling against the authority and usual problems of retrieval time.


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