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Kick ass all girl hard rock/metal band called Wet Hot Cherry Pop. Hailing from Winnipeg, MB Canada. We have been together for over a year and are making a name for ourselves here in our home town, trust me I'm sure we'll see all of you soon enough!!!!! We have pics and songs recorded that we'd love to share with the whole world!!!!!


Madi - Rhythm/Lead guitar and vocals
Melissa - Bass guitar and vocals
Barb - Drums and vocals
Roxy - Lead/Rhythm guitar and vocals

What makes our band unique is that we all sing and co-write the music so our tunes are really unique and never sound like you're listening to the same song like so many bands tend to (being only one or two songwriters in the band. Check out our website provided to hear what we sound like, to keep you up to date and for more information......
Get ready for our upcoming World Tour!!!!!


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