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The girl bands consist of three young, beautiful females. We can all sing, have brilliant vocal ability and we are unique in our own way. We are hard working and very determined to prove that we are the best girl group EVER and that is what we want to be. We love to perform live- this is to showcase our talent. As a group we are very down to earth. The band members are: Lera Ghanie 24 Mandy Giltjes 24 Charley Desborough 26. Our style is quite varied also; we are a cross between Sugababes and Pussycat Dolls (Should I say even better) We got together in February through a talent website; from then on we have constantly been writing and performing our own tracks. So far we have an album worth of material, but we never stop writing. We also incorporate humor into our songs. We work with many producers such as: She Devil, Morfius and Jamal. We performed at the Charlton Festival, where we won best act for the day and also for Asiana Magazine launch party, also on 2nd December 2006 we performed on stage at Woolwich high street festival. We all want this all so much as singing and music is all of our passions. We want this whether fame comes with it or not. We have something to offer to everyone and we want people or should I say the World to know that we exsist. Not just music but our lyrics also is very meaningful and everyone will and can relate to us be it male or female. PEACE!


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