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Who are "The Phantoms"?
If you lived in Boston during the 70's and 80's and went to any rock clubs, you probably know who they are. You may have even seen them driving around in a convertible MG with bleached blonde mohawks, or arriving at the Modern Theater in a checker cab stuffed with all their gear!
"The Phantoms" were the first 3 piece band with 2 females, a lead guitarist/songwriter/vocalist and a woman on bass guitar, to play the punk club circuit in Boston during the late 70's through the mid 80's. They performed hundreds of shows over their ten-year tenure as The Phantoms (1976-1987) and released one regional hit single in 1982 before reforming in 1987 as the punk-metal Organ Donors (the original Organ Donors; not the current Baltimore band [hi guys!], releasing several singles, and later, founded the metal band Diabolix, which carried on into the late 1990's.
None of these bands ever signed a recording contract, preferring independence and living by a strong DIY ethic. Now, continuing to make their own, they have started looking back over their long career and have started Punk TV Records, which will release material by the Phantoms, Organ Donors and Diabolix, as well as recordings by other bands.
Punk TV Records is NOT a member of the RIAA!
10/1/03: A new limited-edition CD of The Phantoms recordings from 1981 is available and more are planned:
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