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Although working and residing in New York city, Dorit Chrysler was born in Austria. Despite having a masters degree in music she has chosen to become a virtuoso on perhaps the most unusual electronic instrument of all, the theremin; a distinctive sound perhaps known to most people only for the Beach Boys Good Vibrations. She is also the founder of the NY theremin society and the European theremin association, creating community platforms for thereminists. She also fronted the band Halcion, a NYC band from the early 90's. Dorit has shared live bills with acts as diverse as Dinosaur Jr., Blonde Redhead, Marilyn Manson, Mercury Rev, Oingo Boingo, Rodelius and Echo and the Bunnymen. She has also collaborated and recorded with artists & producers such as Elliot Sharp, Matt Johnson (The The), Larry 7, Gordon Raphael (The Strokes), Foetus, Martin Bisi & Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers).


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