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Dracena was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1994 by Mia.

Our first recording was made in 1997, a 4-track demo named Demo 97 and unofficially released as tape, 100 copies.

The second demo was recorded at Los Angered recordings in 1999, contained 3 tracks and released as both CDR-demo and 7" red vinyl (Limited 300 copies) at Bloodstone (Swe).

Thrid demo was recorded at Terrordome in 2001, also this a 3-track release on CDR-demo.

Dracena has played live supporting bands like Agathodaimon, Sacramentum, Ancient, Siebenbrgen, Lord Belial and Satanic Slaughter.

Dracena is and will always be pure Metal \m/...


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