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U know how Coheed and Cambria have their comic book ? Its a story. Dragstrip Kitty is the story of Niki Meow. A girl from the east coast.. tryin to make it on the west coast. and there are sharks in the ocean at every turn. From bartending at the troubadour to sharkeez. hollywood to the beach Tryin to f*** u over managers. tryin to f*** u..everyone.. at everyturn. life in hollywood. 10 f***in1. best friends who r fake and morale~less. when u r all u have. u better not let yourself down.. the life and times of being a singer, actress, model, bartender and of course, 2 1/2 years bein the livin version of sid and nancy. makes me who i am today. he said. get outta bed and stop crying. its time to rock! 4 u and 4 me. rock i will roxymeowmichaels this ones 4 u. niki meow is to be my ziggy stardust what a long strange trip its been.


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