drums + guitar + vocals: lo-fi rock'n'roll all-girl trio from Rome, Italy.
Released a 7 inches in 2001: "See you at Bouledogue".
Three Italian girls show how it's done on this vinyl three-tracker, a bass-less (that's drums and guitars, with vocals) ball of energy that they produced and released themselves. "King Kobra" is 1min20sec of Sonic Youth-esque snarl while "Can't Explain" (not the Who song) is an equally tasty slab of grind and swagger with a quirky and insistent guitar track, all set against a droning backdrop of buzzsawing six-strings. "Day and Night" is not as catchy but still cool. Think Kim Gordon meeting an in-tune Niagra without quite the same level of six-string intensity of the latter's backing bands. It's damn close to art punk but who cares? I wanna hear more. - The Barman


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