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Mandy Moore started her career at the tender age of 14. At a young age, she adapted herself by posessing her talents by acting in school plays and singing at local sporting events in Orlando. Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, April 10, 1984, she has emerged as one of the hottest young starts of today. Since her first CD release with So Real in 1999, Mandy Moore’s career has flourished as she has released even more hit records, starred in such movies as Princess Diaries, A Walk To Remember, Saved, Try 17, Chasing Liberty, American Dreamz, How To Deal, and her current film, Because I Said So. She has released her own clothing line called MBLEM and has reached enormous success with it as her clothes have been sold in stores all across America. Mandy has more movies scheduled for release, such as License To Wed, Dedication, and Southland Tales. She is also releasing her latest CD Wild Hope, in June. Mandy Moore is one of the most respectful, well rounded, and multitalented entertainers in the industry today. At 22, Mandy Moore has a legion of devoted fans from all over the world, a talented gift that speaks for itself. Mandy Moore also donates her time to various charities. One of the most likeable entertainers of our time, Mandy Moore have proven that she has staying power and will continue to gain more fans all over the globe.


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