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Singer/guitarist Lorry Doll fronted the Boston based punk n roll band Tracks from 1975-1978 and then the New York City outfits the Doll-Reys and the Wild Ones from the late 70s through the 90s. Tracks Released the 7" single "Brakes On You" in 1977 (Blue Door Records/distributed by Bomp) which was subsequently bootlegged on the infamous Killed By Death (KBD) and Hyped2Death compilation series. The Doll-Reys and the Wild Ones released several more recordings including "White Pumps", "Hotter Than Hell" and "Come Again Girl". A Tracks 25th Anniversary EP (Blue Door/2-Tough) was released in late 2002. A Tracks album is being prepared for Fall 2003 release as a foreign import. Lorry Doll also published the music 'zine NEON and hosted the cable TV show of the same name. One of the first women on the original punk scene and a mainstay of NYCs late 80s metal scene that centered around the notorious Cat Club, Lorry Doll passed away in 1999.


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