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Lucid Nation started out as L.A.'s most popular riot grrrl band, opening for Team Dresch, Sleater Kinney, The Breeders, Tribe 8 and Bikini Kill. Next came their incarnation as a peace punk band playing gang truce, Food Not Bombs, AntiRacistAction, and Black Panther events. After that Lucid Nation morphed into a loosely organized improvisational ensemble that hit number 1 on college radio and secondary commercial stations with their 100% freestyle, politically charged recording Tacoma Ballet (which was censored in Tacoma!). An Alternative Press Top 100 Band You Need to Know About. The "band" has included members of Hole, Ministry, Luscious Jackson, Mecca Normal, L7, Team Dresch, Hazel, Moby's live band. Strictly DIY and dedicated to analog Lucid Nation has turned down major label contracts three times, because corporate music still sucks.


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