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LaRva is a metal band from mexico city, formed by three girls and a male vocalist, our major influences are: korn, nine inch nails, kittie, orgy, otep, deftones, static x, nirvana, etc...
as you all know its hard to be females in rock scene, in our lyrics we express this shit, among with our reject to our male based society, our song are about love, hate, depression, anger, sadness...
please visit our official page there will be an english version soon.
our first demo was "antisoma" in 2000, then a label got interested and recorded our first long-lenght album "la exposicion plastica (the plastic exposition)" in 2001, but at the end of this sessions, the label ignored us, so were 100% independent to this day.
in august 2003 were releasing our first good quality album called "anormal (abnormal)", followed by a tour around our country with several bands from the underground scene, in an all independent way.
LaRva is: peech (vocal, guitar, keyboards), mitzy (bass, vocal), samia (drums) and izbel (guitar)


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