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Lullacry is a truly special, fresh and outstanding act from Finland determined to leave a visible mark on atmospheric heavy music scene of our current time. Their early roots go back to band named Coarse who released a promising demo Downwards and had a appearance of the "Suomi Finland Perkele" compilation album but it wasnt until several smaller line-up changes happened that things really started to fall in place for the band. Auditions for a new vocalist got them in contract with the amazing female Tanya among the all-male army of hopefuls trying out for the available slot and they opted to switch the bands name to Lullacry.

They recorded their first demo, Weepers Aeon, in fall of 1998, and followed that immediately with the promotional CD recordings Sweet Desire and Alone the following year. In the new line-up of Tanya (vocals), new drummer Jukka Outinen, bassplayer Heavy as well as the founding members Sami Vauhkonen and Sauli Kivilahti (both guitars), Lullacry established a reputation as a solid live band supporting The Gathering and playing killer gigs at Tuska Metal Fest and Nummirock Festival, where the band got excellent reviews in many mainstream music magazines in Finland.

Lullacry also played a few acoustic gigs that proved the bands abilities and the strength of the songs also in a stripped-down format. It was no miracle, then, that the band started to quickly prepare their debut full-length Sweet Desire (for Heart, Trust and Respect Records), which got released in late 1999. The title track of the album also found its way onto the best selling Spinefarm Records double CD compilation "Millenniumliitto" and during the year 2000, the outstanding five-piece has been constantly performing in various Finnish TV shows as well as attracting the interest from several national radio stations and daily/weekly magazines.

In the end of 2000, Lullacry signed a deal with Spinefarm Records and the first effort of this new co-operation is the Be My God album. The featured 11 songs are the finest example available of well-executed modern, straight forward Gothic-influenced heavy rock that has a very "Finnish" vibe to things in melancholy and catchy songwriting (HIM, Sentenced, etc.) but nevertheless always remains fresh and entertaining with a pounding amount of groove and the ever-present vocalbeauty of Tanyas very impressing and atmospheric performance.

Lullacry is out to have a deep impact on all you lovers of emotional rock music. Be My God promises to delicately carve under your skin as well as remain in your mind for a long while of audio prosperity.

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