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Meeting in a bar one night for a few drinks, Tool, Honky Toast, Jane's Addiction, ACDC, and The Cure got a little rowdy when some old school Aerosmith came on the jukebox. After much debauchery and mishap, the aforementioned group woke up at ACDC's pad, heads still reeling from the night before and in various states of undress.

Honky Toast reached for a 40 to dull the throbbing pain while Tool made some heinously strong coffee. ACDC thought maybe some Pink Floyd would soothe the crowd, and the Cure kept on snoring.

Several days later, Jane's Addiction called from her friend Catherine Wheel's house with the incredible news that as a result of the other night she was somehow pregnant. She was already playing Sonic Youth through headphones onto her stomach.

Thus The Matter was born into the world, a child spawned from the depths of darkness, rock, and beer...with an insatiable desire to create unique sounds and inspire bastard children everywhere.


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