Upon your first encounter with the Los Angeles band TADPOLE, it becomes immediately apparent that this is not your average punk pop quartet. This is a band whose music is a catharsis, an emotional outburst heralded in songs that are dynamic in structure, move with hook-driven melodic genius, and hit hard through lyrics that unveil deeply personal experiences with emotive precision. All this is neatly tied up into a power punch that doesnt usually wander over the three-minute mark.

TADPOLE came about because of Mia's personal want for an outlet to display her abilities as a songwriter and at the constant prodding of her fans to front her own band. She decided to listen to both these inner and outer voices and put together a group of talented musicians. Once together, TADPOLE wasted no time in finding the perfect dynamic niche between two musical philosophies--angst-driven drama rock and fun, infectious melody.

In December 2000, TADPOLE released their debut EP Slip Into A Coma on their DIY label Flying Bug. It is distributed nationwide by Disgruntled Music and has received airplay on stations all over the country. TADPOLE has also been known to sometimes emerge from the depths to take the stage as their dark alter-ego BLACK TADPOLE, a Black Sabbath cover band.

TADPOLEs experience in the music scene goes well beyond their four years together as a band. Mia has been a well-respected musician in the underground scene since the late eighties, playing in Hole, Bulimia Banquet, Spoon, and Bobsled. Dvin has been with TADPOLE for three years and has also toured and recorded with well-known Olympia band The Need. Judy and Sharon were both most recently in the band Betty Blowtorch, and although they are the bands newest members, they are familiar faces to the TADPOLE family. Judy was with the band when they released Slip Into A Coma. She has also been a well-known player on the independent music scene drumming in influential underground bands Bobsled and Borax. Sharon was a part of the initial grouping of TADPOLE, and her past bands include Bobsled, Butt Trumpet and Love Dolls.

Most recently TADPOLE has entered the studio to begin working on new material. They are also planning a video with girl-surf filmmaker Lissa Ross. This summer they will tour regionally.

Mia Ferraro
[email protected] / [email protected]

Mia Ferraro Vocals/Guitar
Sharon Needles Guitar/Vocals
Dvin Bass/Vocals
Judy Cocuzza - Drums


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