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The ideas behind the Ocean Club are best illustrated by sea analogies. The Ocean Club is a free flowing entity that allows its members and friends to float wherever they want - they drift through the curious underwater realm to pause at and admire the odd glittering riff. Once underway, surprises lurk behind every corner. Unexpected currents introduce new directions, demanding a different path. And, as we all know, it is a lot more fun to reveal these observations, to share the excitement and explore the discoveries with a circle of like-minded people. And this is how, in the Berlin of 1994, the story of the ocean club unfolds ….

The full story

In 1994 Gudrun Gut decides to leave restrictive band structures (malaria, matador) behind and initiates an open collaboration with acquainted musicians and artists, resulting in her album "Members of the Ocean Club". With electronic music the concept of bands as a productive unit is beginning to dissolve. Soon priorities shift and new teams are formed in order to accomplish joint goals and forbidden walks on the wild side more quickly and directly. In the club structure Gudrun sees a new opportunity for collaboration. By nature, a club is always open to new members, creative pairings are constantly formed anew. The second step towards the Ocean Club (as we know it today) turns out to be the above-mentioned album’s release party at Tresor. Here the Ocean Club drifts away from musical fixations and surprises all and itself with a great party for all to SEA: immediately, the Ocean Club is asked to stay for a residency.


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