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Allison and Catherine Pierce are two sisters that were born and bred in the deepest of the deep of southern places, the beautiful yet tragic, State of Alabama. They were soon removed from formal schooling when it was realized that Allison was leaving deep crescent moon shaped bite marks on the arms of the boys in her class and Catherine discovered that she could raise her body temperature at will to 102 degrees and had to be sent home daily due to self induced fever.

Allison took up guitar and they honed their harmonizing skills until even they could no longer tell which voice belonged to which sister. They took their act to the stage and were soon pursued by smooth talking men in slick suits that promised them fame and fortune if they would only sign on the dotted line. The girls were hypnotized and promptly sold their souls to the devil.

For a while everything went along nicely, but slowly they began to realize that without their souls, they couldn’t seem to write the songs they wanted to write or say the things they wanted to say or even to make a simple decision about their careers without doubting themselves. The devil was always lingering over their shoulders.

Years passed on and finally the sisters decided enough was enough. Contract or no, they would no longer be slaves to the devil! He had had his way with them and realized they weren’t making him any money, so he released them, but told them that he’d never give back their souls.

Along their path they encountered a jolly ex-pirate that had given up his days of raping and pillaging to become a peaceful music producer. He took the girls under his wing and fed them sushi and brick oven pizza and gave them cheap wine to drink. They laughed and made music and he told them that souls cannot be bought and sold, only stifled. Then the Pirate asked them a question that they had never before been asked. “How do YOU want your music to sound?” The girls thought it was a trick at first and did not know how to respond, but they consulted and thought back on their lives and told him that they wanted it to sound like a fever induced, gypsy dream that you have after drinking too much red wine while listening to a cabaret singer in a southern speakeasy that is run by witches…and he knew exactly what they meant.


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