Faith Evans
The blues help us laugh at our misfortune, make light of our hazardous lives, and reaffirm that living is what life is about no matter how many hurdles we have to jump over.

* Opal Palmer Adisa

These days, most R&B music is heavy on the rhythm and glaringly light on the blues. Faith Evans may not be a traditional blues singer, but an unmistakable trace of indigo melancholy reverberates in her full yet delicate soprano on her fantastic new CD, Faithfully. But rather than the sound of sa...
Faith Hill
Audrey Faith Perry was born September 21, 1967, in Jackson, Mississippi, to parents Ted and Edna. The daughter of a factory worker and a former bank employee, Faith took her singing abilities to family reunions and gatherings, local rodeos and fairs, church, school -- virtually wherever she had an audience -- while growing up in Star, MS.

It only took a few months in college for Faith to know that she was ready to pursue a career in country music. At the age of 19, she headed to Nashville to...
FALLZ approach to music combines electronica and modern rock with melodic female vocals. FALLZ achieves a unique sound that is both dark and cutting-edge, melodic and memorable, by combining intense synthetic sounds and guitar riffs with big vocal hooks.

FALLZ lyrics are inspired by life experiences: Love, hate, pain, knowledge, despair, hunger, anger, tranquility and violence. We take our cue from our favorite authors: Poe, Lovecraft, William Gibson, Jorge Luis Borges, Kerouac, Plath, Garcia...
Farewell To Youth
A female fronted rock band from San Francisco CA on Lorelei records. Melodic guitars with driving drums and well written pop hooks. Good solid rock and roll. The singer has a stong voice somewhat reminscent of Joan Jett Belinda Carlile(Go Go's era) and other 80's punk/pop "diva's". Influences include The Clash, The Smiths, the Cure, Jawbreaker, interpol, sleater-kiney, OLD yeah yeah yeah's, etc.
Fate Sister
Fate Sister are Lera Ghanie and Charley Desborough. A two piece girlband from London. We are undoubtedly pop but with an intelligent twist of funk. With UMA nominations and an opening spot for the grand finale of the St. Lucia Jazz festival already under our belts we're looking forward to what the future has for us. Watch out cause Fate Sister's comin' through!
See 'Die so Fluid'
femmepop is singer songwriter Margaret O' Sullivan. The Kick ep is her first commercial release. She has had national airplay across Irelands main radio stations such as 2FM and RTE radio 1. Recently BBC Music 6.

She has recently played a string of londons best music including The fly and The windmill to glowing reviews and is about to record her 2nd EP.

With comparisons to the Pixies, The Breeders, lemonheads and Tanya Donnelly. All this from just 5 songs!!
Now focusing on recording her ...
Fiona Apple
Her music of a remarkably ambitious and highly original kind. Impressionistic string arrangements meet funky hip-hop rhythms and syncopations that hearken the spirit of jazz
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy..
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation are an all female grindcore band from Tokyo.

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Flames Of Durga
Flames Of Durga is a rock n' roll, psych-grunge, punk band fronted by twin sisters, Beah and Cecilia Romero. They've wrote songs together since childhood, growing up in LA, and now have joined forces with their drummer Nate Million. This power-trio has a lot to say and their original music channels that passion. Their live show includes layered vocals between sisters, gut wrenching howls and melodies, synchronized head bangs, heavy distortion, loud drums and ripping bass, coupled with sw...
Singer Grog now in Die So Fluid
Fluffy :: The all-girl punk band from London. Sadly, they split up towards the end of the 90s. But the good news is ALL of the girls are now working on other projects...

Don't look back in angora. Posh girls in negligible negligees or authentic fem-punks with grit and guts to spare? Fluffy take the stand.

"Lets do porn shots." Amanda Rootes moves away from the Fluffy-in-a-line-up-against-the-wall pose and nuzzles Bridgette Jones to demonstrate the outcome of a recent photo session. ...
While many loud rockers reopen old wounds by singing about their broken homes and broken hearts, Flyleaf confront past traumas to heal old scars and prove in the process that hope shines brighter than despair.

Flyleaf's self-titled debut album echoes with songs about abuse, neglect, addiction and dysfunction, and messages about overcoming adversity. And the band's wide array of brooding beats, atmospheric textures and lunging riffs compliment Mosley's emotionally revealing lyrics, which rang...
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Frou Frou
Frou Frou: a sound that drives you happy.

Since the end of their promotional duties for debut album 'Details' in 2003, both members of Frou Frou (Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth) have been working on individual projects. At the moment Imogen and Guy do not have any plans to make another Frou Frou album, however neither has ruled this out and they are both very active with their current projects, read on to find out more...

Like so many others you may have discovered Frou Frou through the mo...
Fuck The Facts
Fuck the Facts are a female fronted grindcore influenced metal band who are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Vickie Perks : Vocalist
Maggie Dunne : Bassist & Keyboardist
Jo Dunne : Guitarist
Tina O'Neill : Drummer

Founded in 1985, they initially fostered a raw amateurness to their playing style but later developed in to a smoother, "sexier" look that still caused some controversy.

Their first release came in the spring of 1986, a double A sided single (with a blank B side) of "XX Sex" and "Rules And Regulations". This led to extensive tours of the UK and Europ...