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Frou Frou: a sound that drives you happy.

Since the end of their promotional duties for debut album 'Details' in 2003, both members of Frou Frou (Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth) have been working on individual projects. At the moment Imogen and Guy do not have any plans to make another Frou Frou album, however neither has ruled this out and they are both very active with their current projects, read on to find out more...

Like so many others you may have discovered Frou Frou through the movie Garden State? Or maybe you found Frou Frou early-on when debut album 'Details' was released and they toured the U.S. in 2002/3? Either way, you discovered the band and loved the album? Well, here's how the story goes.....

Both members of Frou Frou (Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth) have been working on individual projects since 2004. Meanwhile their previous collaboration Frou Frou gained more and more acclaim. This new found success was largely due to the song 'Let Go' being included on the Grammy Award winning 'Garden State' soundtrack. Ironically, over a year after the promotional period for the band's debut album 'Details' ended, and band members began to work on individual projects, Frou Frou became more popular than ever! It was almost as if everyone got in on the secret just a little too late. The good news is that both Imogen and Guy are both working on new projects.

Imogen Heap released her brand new solo album 'Speak For Yourself' in the USA on Novermber 1st 2005 via RCA Victor. The album, (which is also out in her native UK) includes the digital hit single 'Hide & Seek' which you may have already heard on TV show 'The OC'! To find out more about 'Speak For Yourself' and Immi's upcoming tour dates, please visit


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