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In the mid 90's Nina Gordon (guitars, vocals), Louise Post (guitars, vocals), Steve Lack (bass), and Jim Shapiro (drums) formed Veruca Salt. With that line up, they put out American Thighs, Blow it Out Your Ass it's Veruca Salt EP, and Eight Arms to Hold You. After recording Eight Arms to Hold You, Jim left and was replaced by Stacey Jones (Letters to Cleo, American Hi-Fi). But in 1997, Nina Gordon decided to quit the band to go solo. Soon after that, Steve and Stacey quit too. Stacey went on to form a band of his own called American Hi-Fi. I don't what the hell steve's doing. So, Louise hired three other people (I have no idea what their names are). In the year 2000, they recorded Resolver. And that's where they stand as of right now.


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