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Castles In The Sky was the surprise smash hit of the summer, entering the Top 10 at Number 5 in July before yo-yoing up and down the charts for weeks, peaking at Number 3 and currently still in the charts, at No. 34, after nearly four months. Says the group's 23 year old lead singer Annemie Coenen: It's a very personal record for me, but I still never expected it to be as big as this in the UK. We can't believe we've sold more records than Posh Spice or Geri Halliwell this year.

Everyone should now know that Ian a) doesn't exist and b) certainly ain't a bloke, but who is the mystery threesome who've held such a stranglehold on the charts all summer? Ian Van Dahl is comprised of me and my two dancers Diana Dander and Jeanine Tiemissen says the delightful AnneMie. The name came about cos it's a nickname I've had for years. It's also a name given to boys and girls in Belgium, like Leslie in England. It's also handy because no-one can pronounce AnneMie outside Belgium!

Born into a musical family, AnneMie soon discovered she had a voice, and from the age of 7 started winning numerous singing competitions. Taking lessons to hone her skill at the age of 11, it wasn't however until the age of 21 that she teamed up with top Belgian producers Christophe Chantzis and Eric Vanspauwen to pen the classic Castles In The Sky. It was written about the break-up of a relationship sighs Ian. I think that is why the song appeals so much, as everyone can identify with the song.

Hammered by the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and Paul Oakenfold on their travels throughout Europe and the States, Castles In The Sky, was destined to become a smash in both continents. Such was the enthusiasm for the tune in America that the act was invited to perform at New York clubbing institutions the Sound Factory, DNA and Sound Garden. These live shows blew everyone in attendance away, helping seal America's love affair with trance, and leading to the massive success of the track in the UK.


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