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The original line-up of Stiletto Suicide formed around 2 years ago, consisting of Bex - the founding and most senior member - Loz - original rhythm guitarist (who eventually left for Uni studies), original drummer 'Prodigy' Claire and lastly Lizzie - original bassist.

The band was then forced into a situation where they had to recruit 2 new additions to the band. They needed a replacement drummer (due to Claire suffering from exam pressures) and a replacement rhythm guitarist, as Loz was set to start her Uni course soon at this stage. They found these replacements at Harlington Upper School in the form of Selina (who is also taught by Bexs guitar tutor):- current rhythm guitarist and vocals and also Charlotte: - drummer who failed to make any impression on the band and ultimately was not comfortable playing with them. After Charlotte left abruptly around the last part of 2002, original drummer Claire re-joined and Selina was officially appointed the band's permanent rhythm guitarist.


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