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Stay At Home Bombs music ranges from snarling, class of 77 hardcore to melodic polished punk-pop. Its as appetizing and familiar as Moms home cooking. Now mix in the secret ingredient of meaningful, politically charged lyrics and youve got a honey-glazed smart bomb for the masses. As befits a band with deep roots in the LA punk scene, the tempos are fast and the attitude is confrontational. Each member contributes song material, further diversifying their sound.

The idea for Stay At Home Bomb grew out of Alice and Lysas boredom with the state of music and their frustration with their inability to maintain a tidy home. Determined to address real womens issues in an all female punk band, the pair were fortunate to enlist Sharon and Judy, the blistering rhythm section of the much-missed band, Betty Blowtorch. With their team complete, the band is ready to unleash their sonic assault upon the jaded masses.

Individual Bios
Alice Bag, aka Mothra Stewart: Vocals and rhythm guitar. Legendary punk amazon whose fierce performances as lead singer of the seminal 70s L.A. punk band, The Bags, provided a blueprint for the hardcore punk movement. She was also was a creative force behind Cholita (with Vaginal Davis) and the critically noted feminist folk groups Las Tres and Goddess 13.

Lysa Flores, aka Lady Licuadora: Vocals, lead guitar and household appliances. Renaissance woman, veteran rock/pop/folk singer-songwriter, musical director, actress and trailblazer for the roc en espanol scene. In addition to starring in the critically hailed film, Star Maps, she served as the pictures musical director.

Judy Cocuzza, aka Judy Polish: Drums. The only female Mapex endorsed drummer, her solid beats form the backbone of SAHB as well as her former projects Bobsled, Borax, Tadpole and most recently the highly acclaimed Betty Blowtorch.

Sharon Needles, aka Sharon Sewing Needles: Vocals, bass guitar and storyteller. Long time rock guitarist, and veteran of the Los Angeles music scene. Sharon rocked most recently with Betty Blowtorch, and has also been in Butt Trumpet, Legal Weapon and the Lovedolls.