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Formed by two guitarists, one a jazz-student/shredder (Nathan David) and one who moonlights as a studio drummer and record producer (Dean Dichoso), Stasera uses prog and hard rock influences to fuse an alternative-metal style that juxtaposes the intense, sultry vocal stylings of female vocalist Jamie Burgin with music that is colourful, dark, heavy, elegant, erotic, aggressive, seductive,....and destructive.

In October of 2002, Nathan and Dean (drummer for the band at the time) completed the live lineup with Paul Anderson on bass guitar and Stasera released their first demo Triad which contained three dark, metal-tinged songs that would be the foundation for the bands unique style. June of 2003 saw the release of second demo Virtuosa which explored the bands more mainstream/pop tendencies. Now in 2004, a natural journey back to purity and integrity has taken place as a songwriting rennaisance occurred between Nathan, Dean, and Jamie during a rebirth period of the band. Dean has moved to guitar for the purposes of maintaining the thick and lush ambience present on recordings for live settings and now the band has gone into production with Dean to create their third and most intense release yet tentatively titled, ..le progressioni del cuore...

Stasera will be playing out extensively throughout all major regions of California (Orange County, Valley Area, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Bay Area) in support of progressioni. The band is planning for a tour later this year.


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