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I Put a Spell On You was originally released over two years ago in the summer of 1998, but that was before the success of the re-issue of It Feels So Good. Sky was the second single from Sonique's debut album Hear My Cry. Sonique (born Sonia Clarke) had her first major breakthrough in both the US and UK earlier this year with It Feels So Good, but she has been involved with the music business for over ten years.

Originally an athlete, she went on to record her first single Let Me Hold You while still a teenager and began her career as a singer.

She later teamed up with S-Express presented by Mark Moore who was looking for a singer/ songwriter. She sang on the singles Nothing To Lose, and Find 'em, Fool 'em, Forget 'em, which were to appear on the second S-Express album Intercourse. Unfortunately, neither the singles or the album were much of a success and Sonique turned her hand towards a different direction.

She spent three years learning how to DJ; she felt as a woman she had to be able to do it properly and learnt how to DJ at home. After her live debut, she rapidly developed followings in the UK, Hong Kong, US, Jamaica, Mallorca and Ibiza.

During this time she also kept her sights on a recording career. She lent her vocals to songs by Josh Wink's Higher State Of Consciousness, and Gusto's Disco Revenge amongst others.

However it was a song which she wrote four years ago which made her. It Feels So Good was originally released in the UK two years ago and became a minor hit. Rediscovered by a DJ in Tampa, Florida, who gave it extensive club rotation, it was then picked up by radio stations in Florida towards the end of 1999. The result meant that the song, which Sonique didn't even save the original DAT of the backing tape, has become the one to break her as an international artist.

It Feels So Good reached No1 when it was re-released in the UK in May 2000. On its first week of release it sold 195,000 copies, compared with the 32,000 total of the first time around.

Her album Hear My Cry went on to become the 42nd best selling single of last year- while the singles It Feels So Good, Sky and I Put a Spell On You became the 3rd, 70th and 179th best sellers of last year.


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