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The short epic history of your new favourite little monster with the candy-coated smile…

Once upon a time, during an orange moon in May 1988, a little wild child was born. With a big curl of hair on her head and pretty little eyes as blue as the Scottish Isle, she was appropriately named SKYE. The little girl grew up to a bigger little girl - that’s me!

And, the story goes like this…

I was a young girl with big dreams living in a small town in southern Ontario, proudly called Bolton. Many would say I was quite an attention getter filled to the brim with energy and spirit, a loud voice and a will to capture the moment. So, when the day came that I was asked to sing on the spot in a hair salon, I performed as if I was playing for a million people. Little did I know I had just performed one of the most important concerts of my life.

It was that day, the little pink demo I made at twelve years of age, was passed on through a chain of connections in the biz. The lady in the hair salon passed it to her brother - a lawyer. He passed it to the manager of a young producer (James Robertson) who liked what he heard, so I wrote my first record with him. I played hooky to record in his parent’s basement over the next year and crafted my debut album, Noise From The Basement.


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