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Alice Martineau : Bio

Sony Music Recording Artist, Alice Martineau sadly passed away on the morning of Thursday 6th March 2003. Alice was an amazing individual who lived an incredibly full life. A life that was fuelled with a passion to fulfil her dreams and a burning desire to beat the unbeatable. Alice was born with Cystic Fibrosis but never let her illness rule her life, if Alice wanted to go out dancing all night she did, Alice wanted to be a model and she became one. But the real dream that Alice wanted to fulfil was to record an album and get a record deal. Sony Music are honoured to be the label that nurtured her talent as an amazing songwriter and highly individual singer. Above all Alice hated people calling her brave, so we would like to remember her as a women who had an incredible talent and in her words, 'just happened to be ill.'

Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family and friends.

"Somewhere there is an angel watching over your life,
Sometimes there is a silence, somewhere a face in the light" - Alice Martineau

Alice Martineau 8 June 1972 - 6 March 2003